How To Share A Video From Facebook To WhatsApp: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

It can be difficult to share content between different platforms. But just like you can save WhatsApp videos and send them via other social media platforms, you can also save videos from other socials and send them to your WhatsApp buddies.

Fortunately, sharing videos from Facebook to WhatsApp has never been easier. From downloading the apps to finding and sharing the video, we’ll show you exactly how you can share your favourite videos across the platforms.

Saving the Video to Your Phone from Facebook

The ability to save videos from Facebook onto your phone has become more and more useful, especially in the age of social media.

Whether you want to watch a funny clip later or just keep an important video for reference, it’s easy to do on both Android and iOS devices.

With these few simple steps, you’ll be able to save any video from Facebook with ease.

Using Your Android Device

If you’re using an Android device such as a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel, saving a video from Facebook is incredibly straightforward.

First, log into the app and find the post with the desired video. Once located, press down on the video until “Save Video” appears at bottom of your screen – this will store it within your photo gallery for future viewing.

To access it again at any time simply open up your Photos app and look for Videos folder where all saved clips can be found.

Using Your iPhone

For those using iPhones like Apple’s XR model or SE2s, saving a clip works much in same way but requires some minor adjustments due to iOS’s different interface setup.

Again start by logging into the app and finding post featuring desired video – once done press down on clip until sharing options appear near top of screen then click “Save Video” option which will place item within camera roll viewable via Apples “Photos” application.

From there, users can view their selection whenever needed or share with friends/family easily if need arises.

Sharing the Video Through WhatsApp

Sharing a video through WhatsApp is an effective way to spread your message quickly and easily.

People can view your video without leaving the app, so they don’t have to jump around from one platform to another.

Additionally, it allows you to reach out directly to individuals or groups of people, which makes it easier for them to watch and share the content with their friends and family.

When sending videos to an individual contact on WhatsApp, you can use the ‘Media’ feature which allows you to send the video directly to that person in real-time.

All you need to do is open your chat list, find the contact you want to message and then use the media icon to attach photos, videos or audio files if needed – simply press the paper clip icon at the top of your screen before typing out your message.

Another great thing about sharing a video on WhatsApp is that you can use links.

This means that instead of sending the entire file over, you only need to send a link that leads people directly to where they can watch the video – like YouTube or Vimeo.

This not only saves time but also ensures everyone has access to the same version of the clip, rather than having multiple copies floating around with slight differences in quality or length.

Troubleshooting Issues Sending Whatsapp Videos

Connectivity Issues

The most common issue when sending a video on Whatsapp is connectivity.

Before attempting to troubleshoot any other issues, it’s important to ensure that your device has an active internet connection.

If you are using a mobile data connection, try switching to Wi-Fi or vice versa.

Additionally, if you’re having trouble with your router or modem, it may be necessary to reset the device in order for the connection to work properly again.

Mismatched file formats

Another common problem when trying to send videos via Whatsapp is mismatched file formats.

The app only supports certain types of files such as .mp4 and .mov so it’s important that the video you’re attempting to send matches one of these formats exactly in order for it to be sent successfully.

If not, the upload will fail and must be repeated after converting the file into a compatible format first.

Large File Sizes

Finally, large file sizes can also cause problems when sending videos on Whatsapp due its strict limits on allowed attachment sizes (16MB).

To reduce the size of your video without sacrificing quality too greatly there are several tools available online which allow users compress files quickly and easily before uploading them onto Whatsapp itself.

  • Compress existing files.
  • Reduce resolution.
  • Convert from HD format.

Taking these steps should make sure that no matter what type of video content you have stored on your device – whether images or full length movies – they will all fit within whatsApp’s 16MB restriction limit once compressed properly.


In today’s digital world, keeping track of content we care about is essential, so being able to save videos off popular platforms like Facebook helps ensure our memories stay intact no matter what type device one might use.

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