What does one tick mean on Whatsapp? The answer

Whatsapp has recently taken over mobile communication. In the last few years, it seems that Whatsapp has become the go to even over texting… With how easy and accessible an App like Whatsapp is it’s not particularly unsurprising and as it’s not directly linked to any brand it can keep its usability and functionality across multiple devices. Something like the sent, received, and read function for example with Iphones only works with other Iphones. But no issues for Whatsapp…

What does one tick mean on Whatsapp? The answer

The one tick, the little icon that appears next to your message once you hit that send button, what does it mean and why is it important? Well, we’re going to clarify for you what it is and what it indicates… To put it simply it indicates which step your message is at in a chain of events that takes place when you hit that send button, and that’s what we’ll talk about here.

We’re also going to go over the other icons just for clarification so whatever icon you see you’re clear as to what’s going on.

The one tick

The one tick is the first icon you will see next to your message, this indicates that the message you have just sent on has in fact been sent. The message is in the first stage of sending and receiving now. It’s left your device but not arrived at the destination device yet.

There is a slight delay with this, but it is usually pretty quick, you should only see the icon for one or two seconds before it moves on to the double tick.

If it gets stuck on the one tick then that means the device you are sending too does not have connection, either it is off, or the device has no internet connection.

The two ticks

The two ticks, is it twice as good as the one tick? Well, it’s the next step in the chain so I guess it is better… But I’ll leave that up to you….

Anyway, the two tick means your message has been received by the other phone. Once at this stage, there’s nothing left to worry about. The job is done, message received, just time to wait for your response.

The two blue ticks

The two blue ticks, this icon is for when the message has been sent, received and finally, it has been read. The person on the other end of your message has opened their app and viewed the message. This is the final stage, and the icon won’t change once it has got to this stage. So, if you’re friend hasn’t replied to you then you can check if they’ve read it then call for them for being an idiot and forgetting to respond… Or is that just me…?

Something to note here is that there is an option that prevents the two tick icon moving on to the two blue tick icon. This option can be turned on in Whatsapp and prevents other from seeing when you’ve read a message, just in case you want to pretend you haven’t read something… Jokes aside it’s a nice addition if it’s an important message and you need some time to think of a reply without seeming like you are, or potentially dodging an awkward “why aren’t you home yet…”


In conclusion it’s a pretty simple icon that is very intuitive once you’ve been using the app for a while. You’ll get used to seeing messages go out and go through the difference icons. Usually a very quick process the sending at least is usually done within a few seconds. The read icon is of course sometimes more delayed depending on the person on the other ends availability but that’s the same for any messaging.

Whatsapp is generally a reliable app, and though Whatsapp may stop working on the odd occasion, it’s usually easily accessible. Now you understand this you’re practically a Whatsapp master, so get back to messaging with a clear mind on what your messages are doing. Enjoy!

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