How to get featured in Hinge Standouts

As the numbers of dating apps on the internet are growing, developers are constantly trying to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

For Hinge, the goal is to make their app a little different to the more popular choices like Bumble and Tinder.

To do this, the app have eventually added their standouts feature to the platform. Here’s everything you need to know about the feature and how Hinge standouts work.

Hinge Standouts Explained

The Hinge Standout feed shows you potential matches , and they’re specially chosen to fit in with your profile.

This means that users that show up in your Hinge standouts tab are designed specifically to be a good match for you.

The standouts feature has been added to make things a little different than the normal feed that you browse through – you may find users better suited to you in standouts.

Obviously there are differences in mechanics between apps, but this is a unique concept for Hinge.

Many sites like Tinder are noticing swipe fatigue, and some users are getting bored of seeing the best match all the time without spending some time navigating through their feed.

So, Hinge attempts to solve this by adding in the Standouts feature.

How do you get featured in Hinge standouts?

Some users wonder how they can get featured in the Hinge standouts of other users, whether that’s for a guy you like or just to become more popular.

The truth is that this is all based around an algorithm. This special Hinge algorithm is designed like most social media apps – the more popular you are, the more likely you are to appear in someone else’s Hinge standouts feature.

This means that the best way to feature in Hinge standouts is by getting more likes and comments on your posts.

The easiest way to do this is to post unique attractive images often, as you’ll then get more likes, comments and therefore more matches too.

How to like people in Hinge Standouts

There’s actually no way for you to simply like someone that pops up in your Standouts tab. Instead, you have the option to give someone a rose.

The Hinge roses have the same characteristics as a Tinder Superlike or Bumble SuperSwipe, except you can only send one to other Hinge users who see you on your Standouts page.

Users only receive 1 rose each week, which is then replenished every weekend. They never expire but they do not accumulate either, so you need to use it in the week that you get it.

You’ll receive your one free rose on Sunday. Bear in mind that you can buy roses on Hinge, but they’re pretty expensive and the costs for additional roses on Hinge add up fast.

Is sending a rose the only way to like someone from the Standouts feature?

To put it simply, yes. When you’re in a profile in a standout tab, you can’t “like” someone without sending a rose.

If you find their profiles interesting and attractive, sending them a rose on Hinge is a good way to let them know.

The truth is that this rose is more valuable than a like or comment on one of their photos. So, only use it if you don’t mind coming across as a bit of an eager beaver.

Is using the standout feature worth it?

The standout feature is easy to use for finding the best people, though not everyone appreciates it as you need to pay for extra roses when you want to contact more than one person a week.

It’s a good addition to the app, as it’ll give you a different variety of posts to look at in comparison to your main Discover feed.

Even if you can’t afford more roses you can use these free roses in Hinge, so there’s really nothing bad about the Standout feature.


The Standouts feed is another way for you to see the profiles that received the most attention on the Hinge platform.

Using this together with the feed that you already have access too is a great way for you to boost the visibility of other accounts and get in touch with more people.

You get one free rose on Hinge Standouts each week – using it is a quick way to let someone know you’re interested in them.

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