Hiding your Tinder Profile – What happens

When users sign up to Tinder, they’re usually looking to match with other Tinder users as quickly as possible.

But after a while, Tinder can get a little boring, which leads some users to look into deleting their Tinder account.

However, you don’t necessarily need to delete your Tinder account to stop using it. Simply hiding your profile can often prove to be a better choice.

What happens when you hide your Tinder profile?

When you hide your Tinder profile, you essentially stop everyone else from seeing your profile when they’re swiping through potential matches.

If you’re already talking to someone you like on the platform, you may want to utilise this to ensure that you don’t get any more matches.

You can do this without having to delete Tinder too, so you can hide your profile and delete the app without actually deleting your account (just incase they turn out to be a bad match).

When you unhide your Tinder account, you’ll be immediately added back into the mix of other profiles on the platform so you can find new matches.

You can disable discovery mode easily within the Settings of your Tinder app.

How to hide your Tinder profile

You can hide your Tinder profile very easily by simply going to the Settings page in your Tinder app.

Then, scroll down until you see an option saying Show Me on Tinder – you can simply toggle this option off to hide your Tinder profile from other users.

After doing this, you’ll no longer be found by any potential matches that are searching in your area.

However, you’ll still have access to everything else within the Tinder app, including the ability to talk to your current matches and sending messages.

Why do people turn off their Tinder accounts?

You can disable discovery mode on Tinder when you’re in the first stages of a relationship with someone, but it’s not a done deal yet.

When you’re keen on going to the next level, but you’re not quite an item.

You can also use this mode when you’re getting tired of so many people matching you because you’re so ridiculously beautiful (auto-swipe right in big city equals unlimited matches!).


Tinder offers a great way to meet new people, but it is not perfect.

Hiding your Tinder profile is a good idea if you’re bored with the platform, or you’ve met someone and you think it could end up being serious.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to do this within your settings page on the Tinder app. Then, you can go back to being lonely in peace.

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