How to change your age on Tinder

Tinder is a popular dating app among users, making it easy to register and set up an account with your own details.

However, sometimes people make enter the wrong into their Tinder profile. This leads users to search for ways to change their age within the Tinder app.

Unfortunately, it’s actually not possible to change your age directly through your Tinder account. Tinder does not allow users to change their age, or change their name within the app.

So if you want to get the correct age, you may have to delete your account and start a new Tinder account instead. Aside from that, there are a couple of alternative things you can do.

Hide your age on Tinder

If you want to hide your age in your Tinder profile, you can opt into Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus or go for a Tinder Platinum subscription. This gives you the ability to hide your age from others on the platform.

One of the benefits of hiding your age on Tinder is that others won’t be able to see your birthday information. However, you’ll still come up in other people’s swipe list as the age you’ve selected.

This is a tactic used by older guys that select a young age then hide it, so they can appear in younger women’s filters. Sure, women may do it too but let’s face it.. it’s mainly creepy guys.

Another reason users may want to hide their age is for anonymity.

If you live in a small town, it can be easy to work out who someone is through their Name and Photos, and when you add the age information too, someone could use this basic info to find your other socials.

Hiding your age isn’t a bad idea if you’re already paid for Tinder, as it means you don’t need to delete your account and start again.

Changing your age with Facebook

If you started your Tinder account by linking it with your Facebook, you may have imported your birth date and basic information from the social media platform.

If this is the case, you can actually just go over to Facebook and change your details there, which will then reflect on your Facebook account within 24 hours.

This is another way to change your birth year in the Tinder app without actually doing it yourself.

Change your age without Facebook

Unfortunately, if you haven’t linked your Tinder account to the Facebook app and you don’t want to hide your age, you don’t have any other choice but to delete your Tinder account and start again from scratch.

When you delete and then create a new account, then won’t be linked. So, you’ll have the ability to enter your name and age on Tinder in your settings.

With no way to edit basic information like your name and age, this is often users only choice.


In the United Kingdom, Tinder continues to reign supreme over the competition as one of the most commonly used dating apps. This is largely because the app makes it very easy to navigate and change your settings at will.

Unfortunately, your age is not one of those things. You actually can’t change your age on Tinder after signing up for an account, which means you’re stuck with the same age no matter what.

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