Do you swipe right or left on tinder?

Swiping is the biggest component of Tinder, and it’s this mechanism that’s catapulted it into mass popularity as the most used dating apps globally.

Though, not everyone is familiar with how to swipe on the Tinder app – here’s everything you need to know about left and right swiping on Tinder.

What does swiping left and right mean? How does it work?

Swiping right on Tinder is exactly the same as using the small heart icon on the profile picture – this is a like for the other person.

And if the other person swipes right on your Tinder profile, this will result in a match. You can then send messages, and potentially organise a meet up in real life.

Swiping left however, is the exact opposite. You’re essentially saying “I’ll pass” on the other person.

If you do this whilst the other person swipes right, this won’t result in a match. And, the same will happen if you both swipe left too.

Will someone still show if they’ve already swiped left on Tinder?

One of the main questions users have about Tinder is whether people in their card stack may have already swiped left on them.

The answer is that yes – there’s a chance that the other person has already said they’re not interested. Tinder doesn’t remove these accounts from your card stack.

However, there’s no way of knowing whether they have swiped left on you, or they just haven’t seen you.

Though, this doesn’t matter too much, as if they’re interested and you’re interested, you’ll both swipe right on each other’s Tinder profile.

How long can you keep swiping right on Tinder?

If you’re using a free Tinder account, you’ll be limited to the amount of times you can swipe right in one day.

There’s actually no set number for this, and it varies drastically from account to account based on a number of factors. Usually, this number ranges from as low as 25 likes per day, all the way up to 100 likes per day.

These likes will then be reset after a 24 hour period has passed. You can also upgrade your Tinder account if you want unlimited likes and the ability to keep swiping.

Will you ever see the same person twice on Tinder?

If you swipe to the left on Tinder, you won’t ever see that persona again whilst flicking through your matches – just like you can’t rematch someone after unmatching them.

This is how the Tinder algorithm was designed to work, as you only spend a few seconds looking at their profile and reading their bio before swiping to the next one.

However, you do have access to the Rewind feature. This can be used to essentially reverse a swipe and get the person back.

So if you do swipe left and realise you’ve made a mistake, you can use Rewinds to get them back (only available on Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum).

Also, there is a chance that the user may delete their profile and then create a new one again later. In this instance, you could come across the same person on their new profile.

Tinder keeps no records of how many users have been to their phone. They use new accounts just as much as new users.

What is swiping up?

As well as swiping both left and right on the Tinder app, you can also swipe up as well.

Swiping up is simply a quick and easy way to send a super like to the other person.

As the name suggests, this is simply a more powerful version of a like that the other person will get notification for before they match you.

Save this for the odd occasion where you see someone extrenely special in your Tinder pile.

Swiping tips to beat the Tinder Algorithm

Many people that sign up for Tinder are happy to keep swiping right no matter what.

Aimlessly swiping right hoping to get matches, not really focussing on the quality of the match and whether they’re even the right person for them.

However, there are many that think this is the opposite of what you should be doing on the platform.

Though no-one knows how Tinder’s mysterious algorithm works – it’s kept under wraps pretty well – aimlessly swiping right isn’t a great idea.

Tinder seems to reward those that are a little more picky with their swiping choices.

So if you’re struggling to make good connections, try swiping right on those you’re genuinely interested in.

Then, swipe left on those you’d be fine with never hearing from again – this will benefit you in the long run, as collecting matches doesn’t achieve much.


Tinder is a fairly simple dating app. Swipe left when you don’t like someone’s dating profile, and swipe right when you do.

However, swipe left and right with caution, as you want to make sure you’ve made the right decision. So, be sure to check all the pictures the other person has as well as reading their bio.

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