What does the Gold Heart mean on Tinder?

Tinder continues to be one of the most heavily used dating apps, and one of the key reasons behind this is the features that the app entails.

There are multiple different subscription plans that you can opt to go with, and even if you’re a free Tinder user, you’ll still get access to a lot of them.

One thing you won’t be able to do though is use the gold heart on Tinder – here’s why.

Why there’s a Gold Heart next to someone’s name on Tinder

If the gold heart beside someones name appears on Tinder, this simply indicates that the person has liked your profile.

The person has liked your profile, and when you sign up to Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum, you’ll be able to see all of the people that have liked your profile.

And if you like the person back, you can then go and click on their profile to have a quick look before deciding whether to match them. However, you can only view their profile if you’re a paying member too.

Gold Heart vs Tinder Gold

One of the main things that confuses people is the difference between the Gold heart icon and Tinder Gold, which aren’t the same thing.

Tinder Gold is one of the app’s premium subscription plans that you can upgrade too. With it, you get access to a variety of different features.

One of these features is the ability to see who likes you, which will appear as a gold heart icon on your Tinder app.

Other additional features you get with Tinder Gold include more Top Picks on a daily basis, as well as super likes and a super boost each month too.

Are Tinder gold hearts super likes?

Tinder Gold Hearts are not super likes, which can be identified by a shooting blue star symbol next to the person’s profile photo.

A Gold Heart is just a normal like, in the same way that you like or swipe right on another person’s profile.


There are many different Tinder icons and symbols that you may come across when you’re using the app. One of these is the Gold Heart symbol, which some users find confusing.

However, it’s actually pretty simple. If you see the Gold Heart icon, all this means is that you’ve been liked by the other person, and that they’re a paid subscriber to one of Tinder’s higher tiers (Gold and Platinum).

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