Ticketmaster app not working – How to fix

Ticketmaster is one of the most reputable apps around when it comes to purchasing tickets for big events such as concerts, comedy shows and sporting events. Considering money is often exchanged when people use the app, it’s imperative that it runs smoothly to avoid users losing access to the app in the midst of making a transaction. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster isn’t bullet proof and does occasionally go down.

In this article we are going to look at the most common reasons for the Ticketmaster app not working and go through the steps you need to take to fix these issues. By following these steps you should be back up and running in no time to purchase tickets to see your favourite band or artist.

Ticketmaster app not working – The most common cause

The most common issue people have with the Ticketmaster app is actually to do with tickets that have already been purchased. Users often find that tickets they’ve purchased disappear, or never appear at all, on the mobile app. There’s also a chance that you may be signed in with the wrong login credentials too.

This typically happens to users who are accessing the app on an old version of it. To get around this, users need to ensure that the app is running on its most up to date version. To check if the Ticketmaster app needs updating on an iOS device, head to the App Store and select your account icon on the top right hand side of the landing screen.

Once you’ve selected this page you will be shown which of your apps have pending update (if none of them need updating then you will be shown which apps have most recently been updated). If you see that Ticketmaster has available updates then select ‘update’. You may need to clear some storage space from your device in order to ensure the update is a success.

To avoid having to go through this process every time you notice the app is playing up you can set your phone to automatically update your apps whenever they require one. To do this, head to the settings app on your iOS device and select the ‘App Store’ option.

On this page, make sure that the slider next to ‘app updates’ underneath the ‘automatic downloads’ subheading is slid to green. Again, it might be worth clearing some storage space in preparation for these automatic updates.

Although this is based on using an iPhone, it’s a very similar case if you’re using a phone on the Android operating system too. Unfortunately, there are other reasons besides updates why the official Ticketmaster app sometimes doesn’t work. Let’s take a look.

Connectivity issues

If you find that your Ticketmaster app suddenly stops working while you’re on it then it could be because your internet connection has suddenly dropped. If you were using the app via a Wi-Fi connection then you’ll need to check if you’re still connected.

To do this on an iOS device, head to the settings app and select ‘Wi-Fi’. If you are still connected to Wi-Fi then there will be a tick next to one of your available networks, and if you aren’t then you will see no ticks. Select one of these networks to get back online.

If you were using the app via mobile data then you’ll need to check the ‘mobile data’ section of the settings app. If the bar is still slid to green then try sliding it off and on again to see if it wakes it back up again. You may even need to reset your phone in this case.

Another thing you can do on the mobile data tab to increase your chances of always being connected to the internet is to select the ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ option towards the bottom of the screen. This will make your phone automatically switch to mobile data if your Wi-Fi connection is struggling.

Server issue

Another common cause of the Ticketmaster app not working is server issues. We’ve all been in a virtual queue for tickets for an in demand event and gotten frustrated with how slow the app or website suddenly starts going. Well, this is because there are thousands of others in the exact same boat which causes the servers to struggle or even sometimes crash.

Unfortunately, all you can do in this situation is sit around, be patient and wait for the Ticketmaser app server to come back online. Downdetector is a handy website which will let you know if the servers are down and keep you updated on any developments from there.


Ticketmaster is a great app for anyone who wants to buy tickets for the biggest events across the United Kingdom. However, a biproduct of that is the fact that the app will sometimes struggle with the demands put on it. If you’re looking for an alternative to Ticketmaster, then you could consider checking out the legit ticket app Stubhub, which we’ve found to be pretty reliable.

We hope that by following our suggestions above, you can fix any issues from your end and get back up and running. If you have found this article useful, then feel free to check out some of our other posts – we have tips, troubleshooting and reviews galore for some of the most popular apps on the planet.

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