Is StubHub legit for buying and selling tickets?

StubHub is a website which allows users to buy and sell tickets for major events across the world.

Due to the nature of the website, in addition to the fact that the site involves financial transactions, many people are unsure as to whether the trust it.

In this article, we are going to look at whether StubHub is legit and look at the steps they take as a company to ensure customer security when using their website.

Is StubHub legit? The straightforward answer

In terms of legitimacy, StubHub is one of the safest apps you can use for buying tickets.

Although morally it may be a dubious website to participate in, your money and tickets are safe and secure if you decide to buy or sell via the website.

They use a variety of tools, which we’ll look at shortly, which guarantees buyers that they’ll either get the ticket they’ve bought on the website or a full refund.

What is Stubhub good for?

Stubhub is one of the most commonly used apps to purchase tickets to sold out events across the World, though it’s becoming particularly popular in the UK and Europe.

You can pick the exact seats you want, whether that’s to a box office event or a smaller local gig.

Due to the fact that the biggest events often sell out almost instantly, the app helps to give people a second chance of snapping up tickets.

However, on the flip side, it also invites people to essentially become legal ticket touts – people who buy tickets for events with the sole purpose of re-selling them for an inflated price.

For sellers, they also guarantee that you’ll get your money, however, StubHub do take a commission fee for every sale made on the site.

A price worth paying for legal ticket touting? Plenty of people certainly think so! On each sale, StubHub take a 15% cut.

However, buyers have to pay an additional 10% premium that also goes to StubHub, so you don’t lose 15% of your listing price but 15% of the overall price after the 10% buying fee is added on.

In short, yes, it’s a legitimate and secure website but morally, it’s pretty sketchy.

When it comes to reselling tickets, you can be assured that Stub Hub tickets are genuine. Let’s take a look at how StubHub ensures its users safety and security.


StubHub use a tool called FanProtect which 100% guarantees all orders.

Anything listed on the site is backed by StubHub, meaning that as a seller, your money is guaranteed to land in your bank balance and as a buyer, your ticket (or a full refund if the seller can’t produce a legitimate ticket) is guaranteed.

If the event that you’ve bought tickets for is cancelled and not rescheduled then you will receive a credit from StubHub worth 120% of the amount you paid for the impacted event or the option of a cash refund.

Essentially, their FanProtect guarantee covers buyers from all eventualities, and you’ll be able to pick up another set of replacement tickets instead.

Communication control

During the selling and buying process, you will not be contacted directly by the person you are buying a ticket from/selling a ticket to.

This is another way of ensuring the safety and security of customers. Instead, StubHub will deal with all communication with both parties, ensuring that everything is done in a safe and secure way.

After the sale is completed, StubHub ensures that delivery of the tickets and delivery of funds is in accordance with industry standards.

In other words, you can expect the funds to arrive in your account within a week and your tickets to arrive in plenty of time before the event. Fake tickets are still a worry for most people buying from ticket resellers.

If you find that your tickets are fake then StubHub will go out of their way to find you suitable alternatives and failing that, issue you a refund.

Assurance via reputation

One final way in which StubHub ‘proves’ its legitimacy is through its reputation and presence globally. StubHub works internationally and welcomes ticket sales for events from the United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia.

The fact that it is used globally should give users further reassurance that they are safe to use the website if any doubts are still lingering.

In addition to their global reputation as a legitimate ticket resale company, they are also partnered with well established and highly reputable individuals and sports clubs.

An example of one of these partners is Anthony Joshua, arguably the most famous Boxer in the United Kingdom.

Having a name like this attached to the company just adds further legitimacy to them.

All in all, Stubhub is a good alternative if the Ticketmaster app is not working or has sold out of tickets upon the original release.


To conclude, if you have tickets for an event that you can no longer attend and want to sell them on and make a bit of money in the process then StubHub is as safe a website that you are going to find.

Given that ticket touting has historically been an activity confined to the black market then you will struggle to find anywhere else that will guarantee your money.

If you are a buyer, then I would recommend you use a fairer ticket resale company such as Twickets where you won’t pay more than face value for your ticket.

However, if you’re desperate for a ticket for a certain event and have exhausted all other options then at least you have peace of mind now that StubHub is safe to use. And if you do have any issues, you can contact StubHub customer service to try and find a resolution.

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