How to post a GIF on Discord – 4 different methods

Discord is a free messaging platform that allows you to both text-message and voice-call other users. Discord also supports multiple forms of media – such as creating polls, images, videos and documents.

Fortunately for meme lovers around the world, the platform supports GIFs too. Here’s how you can upload a GIF image to your Discord client.

How to post a GIF on Discord

You can post GIFs on Discord through a number of ways, some of which we’ll discuss in this article.

You can access GIFs on Discord through a number of sources too. Some GIFs can be accessed internally through Discord’s own gallery, and some can be uploaded onto the platform through third-party sources.

Method #1 – Directly Upload File

One of the simplest ways to post a GIF onto Discord is by uploading a GIF file from your documents/gallery.

You can upload a file by opening the Discord app, and entering one of your servers. Click on the plus icon beside the message box, and select ‘upload a file’.


Choose a GIF file to upload, and double-click on it. You can choose to add some text to the message before you hit send.

When you’re ready, send the GIF to post it. Make sure that the GIF is no more than 8MB in size, otherwise the file will fail to upload.

Method #2 – Drag & Drop File

Another method for posting a GIF on Discord is by dragging and dropping a GIF file. This is an alternative method for uploading a file onto Discord.

Firstly, locate the GIF file you wish to upload. Make sure that Discord is currently open and visible in the background. You can make this happen by minimising your documents window.

The GIF file must be less than 8MB to successfully upload. Once you’ve found the GIF file, long-click on it and drag it onto Discord. Then, let go of the file to upload it. Send the GIF to post it.

Method #3 – Use Discord’s own GIFs

Discord also has its own library of GIFs to choose from. The GIFs are sorted into different categories according to theme, such as excited, dance, and hungry.

There’s also a category for ‘trending GIFs’. You can access these GIFs on both Desktop and Mobile.

For Desktop app

Launch the Discord client, and click on the emoji icon. The emoji icon should be located to the right of the message box. Then, click on the ‘GIFs’ tab to access Discord’s GIF collection.

There should be a set of categories to choose from. Select the one that appeals the most to you. You can also choose to search for GIFs using the search bar.


You should now be able to access different GIFs. Click on the one you wish to post. This will automatically post the GIF.

For Mobile

Open the Discord app, and press the emoji icon in the bottom right. This will make a new tab appear. Navigate to the ‘GIFs’ tab to access Discord’s GIF library.

The GIFs are categorised according to their theme. Press on one of the categories to access a series of GIFs. You could also choose to search for a GIF instead by typing in the search bar.


Once you’ve found a GIF you want to post, press on it to automatically post it.

Method #4 – Make GIF URLs (Direct image link)

You can also post GIFs using GIF URLs. Open your web browser, and search for a GIF. Once you’ve found a GIF you want to post, click on it.

This should take you to the website the GIF was posted on. Once on the website, click on the GIF again and right-click on it.

Select ‘copy image address’ to copy the GIF’s URL. Then, open Discord and paste the URL. Send the URL to post the GIF.

How to favourite GIFs

You can favourite GIFs on Discord if you’re using the Desktop version of the app. When you access Discord’s GIF library, you should see a section labelled ‘favourites’. This is your favourites folder.

You can favourite GIFs by adding them to the folder. This will allow you to easily access your favourite GIFs at any time.

To favourite a GIF, you must first open up Discord’s GIF library. You can do this by clicking on the emoji icon, and selecting the ‘GIFs’ tab. Click on one of the categories, or search for GIFs in the search bar. Find a GIF you want to favourite, and hover over it.

A star icon should show up in the top right corner of the GIF. The star icon should not be filled in. If the star is filled in, it means that the GIF has already been favourited.


When you hover over the star icon, it should turn gold. Sometimes, the star icon can be difficult to see since its default colour is white.

You can check whether the icon is there by hovering your mouse over the top right area of the GIF.


Once you’ve located the star icon, click on it to favourite the GIF. The star should now be filled in. This will add the GIF to your favourites folder.

To unfavourite the GIF, simply click on the star icon again. This should cause the star icon to return to its unfilled state. The GIF should now be removed from your favourites folder.

You can access your favourite GIFs by clicking the emoji icon, and navigating to the ‘GIFs’ tab. The first section should be labelled ‘favourites’.

Click on the section to open up your favourites folder. All the GIFs you’ve favourited should be located there.


In conclusion, you can post GIFs on Discord through a number of methods, and GIFs don’t make Discord use a lot of data.

You can upload a GIF onto Discord through an external source, or choose a GIF from Discord’s own GIF collection. To post a GIF, simply send it as a message in Discord.

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