What are the best Mobile Gacha Games?

Gacha systems are widely popular in many mobile games, especially those that adopt the RPG genre in terms of gameplay. These games usually revolve around a battle system of some kind. In order to battle, you typically need units or characters to use. These characters can either be given to you for free by the game, or you can draw for them in the gacha system.

Gacha systems vary slightly across different gacha games, but most follow the same basic format. Gacha systems usually require a cost of in-game currency, in order to be used. Once you have enough in-game currency, you can pay the cost to draw a character (or multiple characters) from the gacha. Typically, you can either draw one unit at a time, or 10 units at a time. The costs will vary depending on how many units you choose to draw.

A gacha game will usually have multiple gachas you can pull from, which are known as ‘banners’. These banners will have different focus units, and some can even have non-unit focuses. For example, some banners will focus on objects like EXP items or equipment.

Units and other in-game items usually come in tiers. The higher the tier, the better the unit/item. Gachas will have different rates for different tiers, which determine how likely you are to get a certain tier. These rates vary across different mobile gacha games, but generally the higher tiers get the lowest rates.

Best Mobile Gacha Games

Whilst most mobile gacha games are known for being quite unfair in terms of their gacha costs and rates, there are quite a few that defy this reputation. Some gacha games are quite fair and generous with their in-game currency and gacha rates. These games are truly free-to-play, and don’t force players to pay money in order to pull from their gachas.

Here are some of these friendly free-to-play gacha games.

#3 – Dragalia Lost


Dragalia Lost is a free app to install and play. There are in-app purchases you can make (mainly to obtain the in-game currency), but the game is very free-to-play friendly. You don’t need to buy the in-game currency to be able to pull from the gachas or play the game.


Dragalia Lost is an RPG style gacha game by Nintendo. The game has a 3D real-time battle system, and an immersive storyline. The characters are in a 3D chibi style, and each character is voiced to some degree.

The game usually has multiple gacha banners to pull from, each with different focus units. Some banners have a daily deal, where you can summon units for free once a day. All banners have a single summon option, where you can summon one unit for a low cost. All banners also have a tenfold summon option, where you can summon 10 units in one draw for a higher cost. The tenfold summon guarantees at least one 4 star or higher unit. You can also get free summons from participating in limited mission or events held by the game. The rates for the gachas are fairly high on some banners, which makes drawing more powerful units easier to do than on most gacha games.

Dragalia Lost’s in-game events are also fairly easy to complete, which makes them friendly to new users. This allows players to quickly increase their roster of units. There are also many lower tier units that are as powerful as the higher tier units, which makes the game very playable to users with poor gacha luck.

The game also has dragon units you can summon from the gacha pool. These dragons can be bound to a unit to increase their power. The game also made these dragons farmable, so it’s not even necessary to pull from gachas to get them.

Overall, Dragalia Lost is a great free-to-play gacha game. The game offers many free summons to players, and makes the game very playable even for those with poor gacha luck. The game also has an interesting storyline with voiced 3D characters, and a real-time battle system.

#2 – Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia


Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, aka DFFOO, is a free app to download and play. There are in-app purchases you can make to get more in-game currency, but they’re not necessary purchases at all. The game is very free-to-play friendly, and doesn’t require to spend money in order to draw from the gachas or play the game.


DFFOO is a free gacha JRPG, and is based on the Final Fantasy franchise. The game features a turn-based battle system, with a 3D perspective. The characters/units in the game are also 3D, making the traditional RPG battle system more dynamic. The game features characters from popular Final Fantasy games, such as Cloud, Snow, Vaan, and Vivi. There’s also an intriguing storyline that brings all your beloved FF characters together.

DFFOO’s gacha system is quite unique, as you don’t roll for characters/units in their gacha banners. Instead, you roll for equipment. There’s normal equipment you can draw, or special equipment. Special equipment are made for specific characters, and can give them extra or enhanced abilities. Special equipment is best equipped on the intended character, but you can equip it onto any suitable unit.

You can make a single summon, which summons one equipment. You can also make a multi-draw, which summons 11 equipment. The multi draw guarantees that one equipment will be at least a 5 star.

All the characters in the game can be obtained for free. Most characters can be obtained by completing main story chapters, whilst others can be obtained through special quests. Some special quests are only available for a limited amount of time, but will become available again later on. Some special quests become permanent, and can be accessed at any time.

Overall, DFFOO is a great free-to-play gacha game, which focuses on drawing equipment as opposed to units. This makes the game very playable for all users, as they only have to worry about getting good equipment. All characters are free along with their abilities, though you can get more abilities with special equipment. Making a multi-draw on a banner also guarantees a 5 star equipment, which is a special equipment. This makes drawing powerful equipment easier to do than in other gacha games.

#1 – Hero Cantare


Hero Cantare is a free app to install and download. There are in-app purchases that allow you to buy more in-game currency, but they’re not necessary. You can comfortable pull from their gachas and play the game without spending any money.


Hero Cantare is a popular RPG based on three widely-known webtoons. These webtoons are Tower of God, God of Highschool, and Hardcore Levelling Warrior. These webtoons have all been adapted into another form of media, such as anime or their own games. Hero Cantare takes the characters from these different webtoons, and bring them together in an immersive storyline. Hero Cantare also partners with other webtoons or media at times, including Noblesse. Noblesse is another popular webtoon, which got its own anime series.


Hero Cantare features a turn-based battle system, with beautiful 2D art. The characters are all animated, and each have their own cinematic special-move animations. Each character is also voiced in both Japanese and Korean. These characters can be obtained by pulling from the game’s gacha banners. There’s a permanent banner with no focus units, and other more specialised banners that come and go. Some banners allow you to choose a focus unit, whilst others have pre-determined focus units. Hero Cantare is not only good at giving you free summon tickets and in-game currency, the game’s gacha rates are also really high. This makes summoning powerful units much easier than most gacha games. You also get a guaranteed SS-tier unit (the highest tier) every 100 summons. You can also summon equipment and accessories in the equipment gacha.


Hero Cantare also has many events that give you free items, which can then be used to purchase top-tier equipment. You can also get in-game currency from these events. There are also SS-tickets you can obtain from check-in rewards and events, which can be used to summon a top-tier unit.

Overall, Hero Cantare is a friendly free-to-play gacha game. Obtaining powerful units is much easier than in most gacha games, as the pull rates are quite high. The game also offers SS-tickets that give you free top-tier units, and top-tier equipment can be obtained by participating in events.


In conclusion, there are quite a few friendly gacha games out there. Many gacha games are known for being predatory, and not truly free-to-play. However, there are gacha games out there that are free-to-play. Examples include Hero Cantare, Dragalia Lost, and DFFOO. These games have fair gacha systems, and don’t require money in order to be played well.

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