Discord stream has no sound – How to fix

Discord allows you to stream in voice channels by sharing your screen. When you share your screen, you should also be sharing any sound that plays on your screen or device.

However, sometimes the your device audio may not be coming through on your stream. This would prevent other Discord users from hearing your device audio.

Discord stream has no sound – Issue resolved

If your Discord stream has no sound, you’ll want to make sure you’re streaming audio through the correct tab. You can also change your activity status and change your sound settings to make sure they’re correct.

You can also make sure to update Discord, then close and relaunch the app. Fortunately, there are more ways to fix a stream that has no sound. We’ll go through some of the solutions in more depth in this article.

Check Streaming Tab

Firstly, you should make sure that you’re streaming the correct tab. Discord allows you to either stream your entire screen, or stream a single app or tab.

For example, you can choose to only stream your browser app. This means that any sound that comes from another app will not be registered on the stream. Thus, you should check to make sure you’re streaming the correct app.

To check what app you’re streaming, go on the Discord app and look at the voice channel you’re streaming in. In the left side tab, there should be a ‘voice connected’ section. Above that, the tab/app you’re currently streaming should be displayed. Check that the tab is the correct one.


If the tab is not the correct one, you can change the tab you’re streaming by clicking on the ‘stream’ option, and selecting ‘change windows’.


A pop up should appear showcasing your open tabs. Select the tab you wish to stream, and click ‘go live’ to start streaming it.

If the tab you want to stream is not displayed on the pop up, the tab is probably currently closed or minimised. Open up the tab, and then return to Discord. The tab should now show up.

Add Activity Status

If your Discord stream still has no sound, you can try adding an activity status to make sure that you’re streaming the right tab.

Adding an activity status will allow you to add the tab you’re currently streaming to Discord.

Go on the Discord app and click the gear symbol. Scroll down on the left side tab until you find the ‘activity status’ tab. Click on it. Then, select the ‘add it’ option.


A drop-down menu should appear. You can either search for a tab, or click on the arrow to see a list of your open tabs.

Select the correct tab, and click ‘add game’ to add the tab to Discord. Then, click on the screen icon next to the tab to enable overlay.

Check Sound Settings on Device

If your Discord stream is still experiencing sound issues, you can try checking the sound settings for your device. Press Windows-key + I, and select the ‘sound’ option to access the sound settings.


Firstly, you should check that your output devices are correct. This is where the sound will come out of. Look at the top of the sound settings.

There should be a section labelled ‘output’. Beneath the section should be the currently selected output device. If it’s not the correct device, you can change it by clicking on another output device.

Alternatively, if you cannot find the right output device, you can use the advanced sound settings to find it. Scroll down and select ‘more sound settings’.


Another window should appear. Go on the ‘playback’ tab. Here, there should be a list of output devices.

Find the correct device, and right-click on it. Then, select ‘set as default device’. Make sure that you’re currently connected to the device before you do this.


You can choose to test voice on Discord first to see if it works properly too, but making that device default should resolve the issue. Now, you can check on your stream to see if the sound has been fixed.

Reset Voice Settings in Discord

If your Discord stream is still failing to produce sound, try checking the sound settings in Discord. There may be an issue with the settings that is preventing your stream from having any sound. Try resetting the voice settings back to their default state.

Go on the Discord app, and select the gear symbol. Click the ‘Voice & Video’ tab to open up the sound settings.


Scroll all the way to the bottom of the settings, and select ‘reset voice settings’ to reset the settings to default.

Now, try checking your stream to see if the sound issue has been fixed.

Check Sound Settings in Discord

If the sound issue wasn’t resolved after resetting Discord’s sound settings, you can try altering the sound settings.

First of all, you should check whether the input and output devices are correct. If they’re not, click on the drop-down menus and select the correct device to change it.

You can also change the input and output volumes to make sure that the sound isn’t too low.


Next, try enabling push-to-talk as voice activity can sometimes interfere with stream audio.

You can also try changing the audio subsystem in case the current one you’re using is incompatible with your device. Scroll until you find the section labelled ‘audio subsystem’.


Click on the drop-down menu, and select the ‘legacy’ option. You can also try disabling ‘use an experimental method to capture audio’.

Next, you can try disabling ‘OpenH264 Video Codec’, ‘advanced voice activity’, and ‘automatic gain control’.


Finally, scroll until you see the ‘quality of service’ section. Disable ‘Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority’.


Now, try checking your stream to see if it’s playing sound.

Update Discord App

If your stream is still having difficulty playing sound, your Discord app may be in need of updating. If you currently have the Discord app open, you can check if there are any available update by looking in the top right.

If the app needs updating, there will be an arrow icon. Click on the icon to download the updates.


Or, if you don’t currently have the Discord open, launch it. Discord should automatically update on launch. Check this post out if your Discord is stuck on checking for updates.

Once you’ve updated the app, try streaming to see if the sound issue has been resolved.


In conclusion, if your Discord stream has no sound, you may be streaming the wrong tab. Or, if you’re streaming the correct tab, there may be an issue with your sound settings. Try checking both your device sound settings and Discord’s sound settings.

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