Discord push to talk button not working – How to fix

Discord, by default, detects voice activity automatically. This means that whenever you enter a voice channel and speak into the mic, Discord will detect your voice.

This can be disadvantageous at times, especially if there is background noise that can be detected whenever you’re silent.

Fortunately, you can enable push to talk, which makes it so that Discord can only detect voice activity when you push and hold a specific button/key.

Discord push to talk button not working

Sometimes, the push to talk button can stop working on Discord, which means that you can’t even test voice. You can usually fix Discord push to talk not working making sure you’re using the right function and adjusting your voice settings.

You can also make sure you have admin access or run Discord in Administrator Mode. We’ll explain these ways in depth so you can fix that in this article.

Check Keybind

First of all, you should check that you’ve bound the correct key to the push to talk function. When enabling the push to talk function, you need to bind the function to a specific key.

You should check that you’re pressing the correct key when trying to use push to talk. You should also make sure that the key isn’t also bound to the push to mute function.

By default, the mute function should be bound to Ctrl + Shift +M.

To check your keybinds, launch Discord and select the gear symbol. Navigate to the ‘keybinds’ tab. There should be a list of your keybinds there.


Scroll until you find the push to talk keybind. It should be beneath the ‘Voice and Video’ section.

Reset Voice Settings

If the fault wasn’t with the keybind, there may be an issue with the voice settings in Discord. Try resetting the voice settings to see if it fixes the issue.

Launch Discord, click the gear, and go on the ‘Voice & Video’ tab. Scroll to the bottom until you see the option for ‘reset voice settings’. Click on it to reset the settings.


After resetting the voice settings, rebind a key to the push to talk function and try using it again.

Run Discord as Admin

If the push to talk function isn’t working, you can try running the Discord app as an administrator. The app may not have the right privileges to execute the push to talk function.

Or, if you’re running a game as administrator whilst trying to use the function, it may help to also run the Discord app as administrator as well.

To run Discord as administrator, right-click on the Discord shortcut and select the ‘properties’ option.


Go on the ‘compatibility’ tab, and check the box next to ‘run this program as an administrator’.

Alternatively, you can search for ‘discord’ in the Start Menu and select the ‘run as administrator’ option.

Now, try using the push to talk function again to see if it works.

Launch in Safe Boot Mode

If none of the solutions so far have worked, you can try launching your device in Safe Boot mode. This will allow you to see if any external programs are possibly causing the issue.

If you use the push to talk function in Safe Boot mode and it works, it means that another program could be causing the function to fail outside of Safe Boot mode.

To launch Safe Boot mode, press Windows-key + R to launch the Run Dialog box. In the Run window, type ‘msconfig’ and press Enter to run the command. This should open up another window.


Navigate to the ‘services’ tab. Then, check the box next to ‘hide all Microsoft services’. This will prevent you from disabling anything essential. Now, select the ‘disable all’ option.

Next, go on the ‘startup’ tab and click the ‘open task manager’ option. This should open up the Task Manager. Select the ‘disable’ option, and return to the system configuration window.

Click ‘apply’ to confirm the changes, and click ‘ok’ to close the window. Then, restart your device to launch Safe Boot mode.

After launching Safe Boot mode, open Discord and use the push to talk function to see if it works.

Update Audio Drivers

If the push to talk function isn’t working, it may be because you’re using outdated audio drivers.

Using outdated drivers can lead to compatibility issues between your device and Discord. This can impact how Discord works, and possibly cause the push to talk feature to malfunction.

Try updating your audio drivers to see if it fixes the problem. You can manually update your audio drivers by looking on the relevant website for updates. Download any updates available to update your audio drivers.

Or, you can open the Device Manager by searching for it in the Start Menu.


Locate your audio driver by expanding the different options. Right-click on your audio driver, and click ‘update driver’ to update it.

Once you’ve updated your audio drivers, open the Discord app and try using the push to talk function again to see if it works.


In conclusion, Discord’s push to talk function may be failing to work due to a keybind issue. Double-check your keybinds to make sure you’re using the right one.

Or, it could be due to compatibility issues. Try updating your drivers or launching Safe Boot mode to make sure no external programs are interfering with push to talk.

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