How to use wildcard in FPL app to smash your pals

Boasting over 8 million users, the FLP app challenges players to select the best team possible out of active Premier League footballers within a budget.

These footballers then score points each time there’s a round of Premier League action depending on how they perform.

So, how can you get the advantage over your friends in the Fantasy Premier League app? Here’s the best ways to win.

How to use wildcard in the FPL app

The app gives its players three ‘chips’ to use throughout the season which can help them boost their score on any given gameweek.

It also gives its players a ‘wildcard’ which allows players to make an unlimited amount of transfers to their team for one week only, when usually they can only make one transfer per week (or two if they bank one the previous week).

Having the ability to make unlimited changes is super useful if your team is plagued by injuries or even just poor form. So, how do you use this wildcard you ask?

To use the wildcard in the FPL app you need to first of all make sure you are on the ‘Fantasy’ tab of the app and then select ‘Transfers’ from the list of options.

On here you will be greeted by a screen that displays all 15 players that are currently in your squad along with all of their current prices.

This page will also tell you how much money is in your bank so that you know how much you have to play with – this will update each time you select ‘remove’ any of your players.

Remove all the players that you want to get rid of and then select all of your replacements for them, ensuring that you are within budget.

When you are satisfied with your selections hit the ‘next step’ button which will bring up the final stage where you are giving the option to either spend points to make your transfers, use the ‘free hit’ chip or use your wildcard. Simply select the wildcard option and then hit confirm.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t click the spend points option as this could end up costing you valuable points that may lose your league title.

Additionally, please note that you are only able to use your wildcard twice during the season; once before Christmas and once after Christmas.

This means that you should try and use your first Wildcard before Christmas to make the most of the transfer market.

As mentioned earlier, there are other ‘chips’ you can use on the FPL app – let’s look at what they are and how to use them.

Bench boost

Bench boost is the chip to play if you believe that you have a strong bench on a particular gameweek and want to ensure that they earn you points in addition to the players in your starting line up.

To use this chip simply select the bench boost option, which is situated on the top bar above your team on the ‘pick team’ tab and then hit confirm to lock it in.

To prepare for your bench boost it’s worth looking ahead at the fixtures and your selecting the week you’re going to use it and then shape your transfer activity around getting the right players in to maximise the effectiveness of it.


As with all these chips, bench boost is best played on a double gameweek to get maximum effectiveness with double points.

Free hit

Free hit works in the exact same way as your wildcard, in the sense that you get unlimited transfers, however the effects of the transfers only last for one week.

In other words, the players you bring in will be gone again after the subsequent gameweek and the ones you got rid of will be back.

To use this chip, follow the exact same instructions as we gave for using your wildcard, except select ‘free hit’ on the confirmation screen after completing your transfers.

This chip is best used when on a gameweek where only a couple of teams are playing twice – this way you can bring in players exclusively from these teams (max 3 per team) to try and gain an advantage on your rivals who may only have players who are playing once that week.

Triple captain

The final chip available to players on the FPL app is the triple captain, which can instantly turn a bad gameweek into a good one if your captain performs.

This is essentially what it says on the tin – your selected captain for that week will get triple points as opposed to just double like they typically do on a weekly basis.


To use this chip, select your captain as normal then hit the ‘triple captain’ button situated above your team on the ‘pick team’ tab.

Make sure to use this chip on a goal scoring machine during a double gameweek.


The FPL app is superb and well worth downloading for any lovers of Premier League football. It makes certain games more interesting and allows you to go head to head with your friends.

We hope this article has helped to inform of you all the different chips available on the FPL app, in particular the wildcard and how to use it. For more app-related fun, check out our other articles.

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