How to tell if someone blocked your number on Android

Getting blocked is annoying. However, it can be even more frustrating not knowing if you have been even been blocked at all, or whether there’s just an issue with your Android phone.

Also, we are human, so maybe you have been added to the call block list on someone’s phone by mistake. Or, you share the same name as another contact on that person’s phone and it wasn’t you that they were trying to block.

Either way, it’s useful to know if the suggested contact has added you as a blocked number.

How to tell if someone blocked your number? – Android

The good news is that there is a way in which you can tell if you have been blocked by the other person or not on Android.

Call blocker can be accidentally blocking your number on someone else’s phone. It can see your phone number as spam depending on filters and block your number from ringing another person.

How can you tell if you have been blocked on Android by calling someone? The first thing you can do is try to call someone on your Android phone.

If the phone rings once and goes to voicemail abruptly, or doesn’t ring at all before going to voicemail, this could be an indicator you’ve been blocked – if you aren’t, then the Android phone will ring twice at least.

It is generally pretty difficult to tell whether you’ve been blocked or not – not just on Android, but on most mobile devices nowadays.

If you want to double check whether you’ve been blocked, sending them a text message is a good way to find out.

If the message shows up as delivered, that’s a definite sign that you’ve not been blocked. You can tell the message has reached the recipient’s phone by using view report, which will show a check mark when text messages are delivered.

If the message doesn’t show as delivered this isn’t a foolproof way of showing if you have been blocked or not because the lack of delivery could be because the person has turned their phone off.

How can you tell if you have been blocked by using WhatsApp?

Another method you can try is to send a WhatsApp message to the person you are trying to contact just asking whether they have received your message.

If you have been blocked on WhatsApp then you can say you are most likely blocked on the call contacts too, and the majority of Android users also use WhatsApp on their device.

The easiest way to determine if you have been blocked on WhatsApp if you don’t want to come off as a little paranoid is by checking your contact’s picture.

If they normally have a picture on WhatsApp and now it is gone after being unable to contact them, you have been blocked.

WhatsApp is handy in determining whether you have been blocked or not in another way because it has checkmarks to tell you the status of your message.

Even if your read receipts are off WhatsApp will signify that a message is delivered by showing two ticks at the bottom of the screen.

If the message remains on one tick indefinitely you can probably assume that the person you are trying to message has blocked you.

Sometimes is they have a bad signal, it will stay on one tick and then be delivered once the person is back in range so be patient.

After a day of it remaining on one tick, it is probably best to assume you have been blocked and move on.

One tick may indicate they’ve used the blocking feature.
If you get two ticks, you’re not a blocked number.

If you have caller ID enabled on your phone, then you can try turning it on to hide your number from the person you want to get in touch with.

This way, if they are screening your calls because they know your number and are just ignoring you, there is a chance they are more likely to answer because they aren’t aware it is you who is trying to call them.

Although, if they answer that could be a slightly awkward conversation. But hey, if unlike me, you don’t mind confrontation then it’s worth a shot.

  1. Go to your phone app.
  2. Go to More or the three vertical dot icons.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Go to Advanced Settings.
  5. Tap on Show my Caller ID.
  6. On the pop-up menu tap on ‘Hide Number.’
  7. Then choose Cancel to come out of the menus

Once your caller ID is hidden from any person you are trying to call, go ahead and make the call.

  1. The contact may pick up the call because they are unaware it is you calling. This confirms the person was able to receive calls but have been ignoring your calls.
  2. Your contact’s phone may ring normally instead of getting diverted quickly, this will confirm that the contact has diverted your number to go to voicemail.
  3. Your contact may also decline the call or cut you off once they realise it is you, in which case they probably don’t want to speak to you, and you now have your answer.


In conclusion, it can be awful to find out you have been blocked by someone you care about. However, there’s not much you can do about this on Android phones.

With advancements of technology, we can be ghosted, ignored, and blocked for no obvious reason, it can be detrimental to your mental health to dwell over it. So, once you have determined you have been blocked, try to move on from this.

So if the person reappears all of a sudden maybe hear them out and then decide if you wish to continue talking to them or you are better off on the block list.

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