Discord notifications not working – How to fix

Discord is a popular messaging service, which can be accessed through their website or application. You can download the Discord app for free using their website. If you download the application, you should receive notifications whenever certain activities occur in Discord.

You can alter the notification settings to suit your preference, and only receive notifications when certain things happen. For example, you can make it so that you’re only notified when you’re mentioned in chat.

Discord notifications not working – The reason

Sometimes, Discord notifications can fail to show up. There’s a good chance you can fix Discord notifications not showing up in your settings,

There are a few factors that could be causing this. In this article, we’ll go through a few of these factors and discuss the solutions to each one.

Check Discord Notification Settings

You may be failing to receive Discord notifications due to an issue with your Discord notification settings. Your notifications may be muted in the settings, which would prevent you from receiving notifications.

You can check your notification settings by opening the Discord app. Each server has its own notification settings, so you should check the setting for each one. To check a server’s notification settings, right-click on the server icon. The server icons should be located in the far left.

After you’ve right-clicked on the server icon, and select the ‘notification settings’ option. A window should then appear, showcasing the server’s notification settings.


Firstly, check that the server’s notifications aren’t muted – this can sometimes be the case if you’ve transferred ownership of a Discord server. Look at the switch next to the mute option. If the switch is green, the server’s notifications have been muted. To unmute the notifications, toggle the switch off.

Next, look underneath the section for ‘server notification settings’. Make sure that the ‘nothing’ option isn’t selected. If it is selected, it means you won’t receive Discord notifications for anything that occurs in the server.

Instead, select either the ‘all messages’ or ‘only @mentions’ option according to your preferences. Selecting the ‘only @mentions’ option means that you’ll only be notified when you’re @ in the server.

You can also choose to only receive notifications when you’re personally @ in chat. This excludes when @everyone or @here occurs.

These mentions @ either all members or all active members in the server. Enable ‘suppress @everyone and @here’ to not be notified when these mass mentions occur. You can also suppress notifications for role mentions.

There’s also an option for enabling mobile push notifications. Enable the option to receive notifications on Mobile. Once you’re finished, click the ‘done’ option to close the window.

Alternatively, you can check Discord’s general notification settings. Open the user settings by clicking the gear icon. Then, click on the ‘notifications’ tab.


Make sure that Desktop notifications have been enabled. You will also want to disable or enable streamer mode on your Discord server too, as this can fix Discord notifications that aren’t working.

Check Device Notification Settings

You may be failing to receive notifications for Discord because of an issue with your device’s notification settings. You can check whether this is the case by opening the notification settings.

You can access the notification settings by searching ‘notification’ in the Start Menu. Once you’ve opened the notification settings, make sure that notifications have been enabled.


Next, look beneath the section for ‘notifications from apps and other senders’. Scroll until you find the Discord app. Make sure that the switch for Discord has been toggled on.

Finally, click on the ‘focus assist’ option. Make sure that the ‘off’ option has been selected.

Set Status as Online

You may not be receiving Discord notifications because of your custom Discord status. If your status on Discord is not set to ‘online’, the app may be preventing you from receiving notifications.

To set your Discord status to ‘online’, launch the Discord app and click on your profile icon in the bottom left. This should cause a list of options to appear.


Click on the ‘online’ option to set your status as ‘online’.

Update Discord

You may not be receiving Discord notifications because you’re using an outdated version of Discord. To check whether Discord has any available updates, look at the top right corner of the screen on Discord.

If there’s an available update, there should be a download icon beside the inbox icon. Click on the download icon to download the update.

Alternatively, you can restart Discord to automatically install the updates. Discord should download any available updates on launch. To restart Discord, first close the program by clicking the ‘x’ in the top right. Then, relaunch the program by double-clicking the Discord shortcut.

Reinstall Discord App

If all the above solutions failed to solve the notification issue, try reinstalling the Discord app. There may be a glitch in the app that prevents you from receiving any Discord notifications. Reinstalling the app could help solve any glitches that are occurring.

To reinstall Discord, first uninstall the program. You can uninstall Discord through the ‘programs and features’ settings. To access these settings, search for ‘discord’ in the Start Menu. Click the ‘uninstall’ option.


This should open the ‘programs and features’ settings. Find the Discord app and click on it. Then, right-click it and select the ‘uninstall’ option.


Alternatively, you can uninstall Discord through the app settings. Press Windows-key + I to open the settings. Then, go to Apps > Apps & Features.

Locate the Discord app and click the three dots beside it. Select the ‘uninstall’ option.


Once you’ve uninstalled Discord, go to discord.com/download. Click the relevant ‘download’ option to reinstall Discord.


Then, make sure you head to the notification settings to make sure that they’re enable on your device.


In conclusion, you may be failing to receive Discord notifications due to your notification settings. Check your Discord notification settings, as well as your device’s notification settings.

Make sure that your Discord notifications haven’t been muted. If the issue doesn’t lie with the settings, there may be an issue with the app itself. Try reinstalling Discord to see if it fixes the problem.

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