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Discord is a well-known messaging platform, which is often used by the gaming community. Discord is a great place for creating and interacting with large communities of people.

The platform revolves around the concept of servers, and allow users to assign roles to members as a method of moderating large groups.

Discord also offers users the ability to create and join voice chats, which allow users to communicate with others vocally.

However, some people may not feel very comfortable with using their real voice in Discord. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved using Voicemod.

What is Voicemod?

Voicemod is a free voice-changer program for Discord. The software allows users to alter and manipulate their voice in Discord.

You can use their various voice filters to change the way your voice sounds. This way, you can still participate in voice channels despite not wanting to use your default voice.

Voicemod offers over 80 voice filters, ranging from pitch-changers to autotune effects. You can experiment with the different filters, and even layer them, until you find an effect that suits your tastes. Each ready-made filter also has its own settings, which can be altered.

Alternatively, you could use Voicemod to fix any issues you may be experiencing with your mic quality. The voice-changer offers filters that could help improve your sound quality, such as the Clean Voice filter.

Using Voicemod on Discord

Now, we’ll go through how you can actually use Voicemod on Discord. Using Voicemod is quite a simple process, so you don’t have to worry about any complicated or time-consuming steps.

The first step is to install the Voicemod program. You can do so by going to

Once you’re on the site, scroll down until you find the download option. It should be labelled ‘try it now‘. Click the option to download Voicemod.


Alternatively, you could scroll down until a tab appears at the top. There should be a download link on the far right of tab. Click ‘download Voicemod for free‘ to install the voice-changer.

After Voicemod has been installed, open the Discord app. If you don’t already have the Discord app installed, you can install it by going to Click the ‘download for Windows’ option to download Discord.


Or, if you’re using a non-Windows device, scroll down further to see the different download options. There should be download options for iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac. Click the relevant download option to begin installing Discord. After you’ve installed the Discord app, launch it.

Before moving onto the next steps, make sure you’ve configured your mic settings first. Open up the sound settings on your device. You can do so by searching for ‘sound’ in the Start Menu, and clicking ‘sound settings’.


Next, scroll down until you see the ‘input’ section. Make sure that your main mic has been selected as the input device.

Once you’re done, go back to the Discord app. Click on the gear icon near the lower left corner. This should open the user settings. Click on the ‘Voice & Video’ option in the left side tab.


Click on the drop-down menu underneath ‘input device’, and select ‘Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device)’.

Afterwards, open the Voicemod program and click the ‘Voicebox’ option. Now, you can feel free to look through the program’s various voice filters and features, and use them to your heart’s content.

You can even choose to create your own voice filter using Voicelab. Choose and alter voice filters you like, and bind them to keys of your choosing.

After doing this, you can then use Voicemod with your favourite audio or video clip. Whether you want to add a funny voice or use the real time voice changer to edit some of the audio yourself.

Can I use Voicemod on mobile?

Yes, Voicemod is also available to download for mobile devices, for both the Apple user and the Android user too. Voicemod offers a companion app for mobile called ‘Voicemod Controller’.

This app allows you to control your Voicemod Desktop program from the comfort of your own phone. Voicemod Controller let’s you switch between voice filters of your choice, enable/disable those filters, and you can even access Voicemod’s sound library.

You can download the Voicemod Controller app by going to Click on either the ‘Google Play’ option or the ‘Apple Store’ option depending on your phone. This should send you to the Voicemod Controller’s download page. Click ‘install’ to download the app.

Before attempting to use Voicemod Controller, make sure that both your phone and PC/Laptop are using the same Wi-Fi network. They must be using the same network in order to connect to each other.

Once you’ve installed the Voicemod Controller app, go back to the Voicemod Desktop app. Open Voicemod Desktop and click the mobile icon near the bottom. This should prompt a QR code to appear. Launch the Voicemod Controller app on your phone, and use it to scan the QR code.

This should connect the two programs, and allow the mobile app to access Voicemod Desktop. You can now start making custom filters/sounds, folders, shortcuts, and more.

You can use the app in different servers, even if you transfer ownership of the Discord server later down the line.


In conclusion, Voicemod is a voice-changing program available for Discord. The software allows users to alter their voices using ready-made or custom filters/effects.

In order to use Voicemod on Discord, simply install the voice-changer and change Discord’s input device to match Voicemod’s. Then, open the Voicemod program to get access to various voice-changing features.

The Voicemod Voice changer is a good program to download to your Discord account if you want the ability to choose voice filters, create sound effects and adjust your audio settings – this can all be done with the Voicemod soundboard.

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