How to Join a Discord Server without an Invite

Discord is a popular platform with numerous servers that cater to a variety of interests. Discord features a wide variety of communities that offers free texting, group chat, video, photos, and voice messaging – it also allows you to pick your own banner size. It’s a convenient way to communicate with users in real-time, globally, on an unlimited number of interests and subjects.

Typically, most people join Discord through an invite from a community member or moderator. The invite links the community’s group on Discord, which offers immediate access once you sign into the platform’s desktop website or mobile-based app. If you don’t receive an invite to a Discord group, there is a way to join when you sign up for membership.

How to Join a Discord Server without an Invite

If you’re looking for a Discord server to join without an invite, you can use the platform’s search feature to find communities that you may want to explore. While the easiest way to join a Discord server is to click “join” on a friend’s link to a community, there are some alternative ways to search and join without this step.

There are three alternative ways to find and join a Discord server. You can search public servers on the platform or find servers on two websites: Disboard and These options are the best ways to find a community without receiving an invite, which may provide a list of more potential groups to join than expected.

Option 1: Using Discord’s search feature

Once you log into Discord with your membership username and password, you can utilize the “Explore Public Servers” option to find public servers based on your preferences. This is easy to execute directly on the desktop website. However, this feature is not available on the mobile app version of Discord.

When you open the desktop version of Discord on your computer, you’ll have the option of selecting the “Explore Public Servers” tab, which produces a list of public communities in Discord. You’ll find this option as a green compass icon located at the bottom of the website’s left sidebar. Clicking on this icon populates a list of public servers available to join on Discord.

As you review the list of available communities to join, you have the option of searching or querying the list to find a specific area of interest or subject by category, tag, or name. For example, you can search for a tag as a word like “film” or “gaming” to display a list of open communities. The most popular servers will appear at the top of the list.

If you notice a group or server that appears interesting, you can see a preview of the community before deciding to join.

Option 2: Join a Discord Server with Disboard

A second way to find a new Discord community to join is through the website. This is a public server list where you can find Discord groups to join. It’s a popular place for server owners to list their group, making attractive individuals find a community.

The website’s main page offers an easy search option and a list of popular tags, categories, and names to filter your search. You’ll also find Discord servers by the number of members, their popularity level, and groups that were recently “bumped.”

Disboard is a great way to find the trendiest communities, which you can quickly join by clicking on the specific community, then choosing the “join this server” option. This option will direct you to Discord’s website, where you can log in to join the group.

Option 3: Join a Discord Server with

Another easy way to find Discord servers is to search on You can find this website by doing a quick search on a browser, then type “Discord servers” on the website’s search tool, which will give you a list of available servers to join. Like the Discord platform, you can similarly query or search for servers by tag, name, or category.

On the Discord servers page, you’ll have the option to search by popular or top-voted servers or search for specific terms or themes. Once you find a server to join or want to explore the community further, you can click on the icon and view details about the server.


It’s generally easy to find lots of great Discord communities to join and explore various themes and interests, including music, gaming, film, art, and more. Some forums and social media groups may offer links to related groups and communities on Discord that create another alternative to exploring specific areas of this comprehensive platform.

Whether you’re in search of the most popular Discord groups to join and explore or want a more unique or specific community, you’ll find a lot of options to become a member of many Discord groups. 

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