How To Subscribe on Twitch – Mobile & Desktop Guide

Since its inception in 2011 Twitch has grown exponentially. In more recent years, it has taken huge strides into making it possible for streamers to have multiple ways to interact with their viewers – via subs, VIP’s and Twitch Prime.

Subscribing to your favourite streamer is a great way to support their work. Here’s how you can sub to your favourite streamers.

How To Subscribe on Twitch App & Desktop Guide

While not obvious, you can subscribe to your favourite streamer from your Twitch app pretty easily. You can also enable or disable automatic subscription renewals, check your currently active subscriptions or edit your saved payment methods.

Something to bear in mind is that Twitch Prime does not work on the app, so if you want to do this, you’ll need to sign in via your Chrome browser to do so. To sub to a new streamer on Mobile, all you need to do is;

Things are a little more straightforward on Desktop than they are using the Twitch app – a lot of users tend to have Twitch running in their Desktop web browser whilst gaming.

Here’s the steps for subscribing to your favourite streamer via Desktop;


Step 1: Browse through and find your favourite streamer.


Step 2: When you’ve clicked on their profile, find the Subscribe button, which is next to the Follow button.


Step 3: Click the Subscribe button and you’ll go through to their Sub page.


Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of their Sub page and you’ll find another Subscribe button with a price. Press this to see the available payment methods and enter your details!

Being a subscriber gets you a certain number of benefits. You get an icon next to your name, access to emotes specific to the streamer and can talk in chat when it enters sub more.

There’s many more but that is different for every streamer as they often want to incentivise becoming a sub, they make money, build their stream, and it’s a great way to support streamers that you enjoy watching.

And though you may find the Twitch app not working, most of the time it’s pretty reliable – here’s how to sub in more detail.


First things, first, make sure you have the app installed. Once done open it up and log in to your twitch account. If you do not have a twitch account there will be an option to make one.

Next, navigate to the streamer you want to subscribe through either through the following tab if you follow the streamer or use the search icon at the top.

Once on the streamers channel page there will be a subscribe button to click, nice and obvious, can’t miss it. If there is no subscribe button there, then it is a channel that cannot be subscribed too.

Note that this can be done either from the live streaming page while the streamer is live or on the streamers profile, so you are still able to do it even if they are offline.

Next and finally select the subscribe button again after being notified the different benefits there are to subscribing to that specific streamer and it will ask you to pay using twitch tokens. If you do not have any then an option will appear for purchasing more.

Once purchased use those tokens for your sub and you’re done! Enjoy your sub to your favourite streamer.

How to Twitch & Twitch Prime subscriptions work?

Twitch subscriptions are intended to be a way that you can support your favourite Twitch streamers creating content online.

The minimum amount for a Twitch subscription is $4.99 (lowered down to £3.99 for those of us in the UK. Or, if you want to, you can choose the Gift Subscription option to give it to someone else.

Generally, subscriptions are meant to be a long term thing, though you can choose to cancel your subscription or make it a one time thing if you wish.

This is for a Tier 1 subscription – you can upgrade to a Tier 2 subscription (typically double the price of Tier 1) or a Tier 3 subscription (typically 5x the price of a Tier 1) if you want to support the creator more, as well as unlock other things like custom emotes and badge flairs.

One way that you can save some money is to use your Amazon Prime membership, which gives get a free subscription to a channel of your choice each month.

You can use this to subscribe to a channel of your choosing, and you’ll get a subscriber badge that shows your chosen Twitch streamer that you’re subbed to them when you message in their chat.

Amazon (Twitch) Prime Subscriptions

Subscribing with Amazon prime is a little annoying to do on mobile. So, the way it’s done is to essentially get the normal twitch site up but on your mobile. So, we need to open a browser and navigate to

iPhone users

On iPhone at this point you need to select the lower case and upper case A. This will give you a dropdown menu where you can “Request Desktop Website”. This will bring up the desktop site and can be used as such.

Navigate to your favourite streamer who you want to use your monthly prime sub on and use the subscribe button, then the Prime Subscribe option.


Much the same as the iPhone this is still done by navigating to the desktop version of the website.

Once on site select the three dots in the top right corner and select the “Desktop site” option. This will bring you to the usual desktop site and you can subscribe as you would from a desktop.

Navigate to the streamer you would like to use your prime sub on and select the subscribe button. Then the prime sub option from there.


To conclude this is very straight forward if you would like to subscribe the usual way, there’s just the added step of using the twitch tokens. I’m not entirely sure why this is but I have a feeling it’s because of some restrictions with payment when done through mobile devices.

Either way it’s nice and simple. When it comes to Amazon prime however it’s a little more complex, but we have a nice work around that I’ve mentioned above to get you to where you want to go.

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