How to make a custom Discord invite link – Guide

Discord is a well-known platform for meeting and interacting with people who share your interests. Discord allows you to create group chats, also known as ‘servers’, where members can join through invite.

You can easily join a server by obtaining an invite link for that server. You can either be sent an invite link by a member of the server, or obtain the link online. Some larger servers will share their invite link through their website or social media.

If you’ve joined a server, you can generate an invite link for the server using Discord. There are also options for customising the invite link to a certain extent.

For example, you can alter its expiry date. You can also create your own custom invite URL using the Vanity URL feature. You can create and send invite links on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

How to make a custom Discord invite link

To create a custom Discord link, you need access to server vanity URLs. This allows you to edit the URL to a structure of your choosing and create a custom invite link.

You can only use the Vanity URL feature if your server is part of the Discord Partner Program, or your server has been boosted to the highest level (level 3). You can find out how to apply to the Partner Program on the Discord website.

In regards to server boosting, members can choose to pay a monthly subscription fee ($4.99) to boost their server.

You need 14 server boosts to get a server to level 3 – at level 3, you also get the ability to create Custom emojis and increase your audio quality, which can stop your Discord sounding like a robot.

You can access the server boost feature by opening the user settings on Discord, and clicking the ‘server boost’ tab. Then, you can choose which server to boost.


To access the Vanity URL feature, open Discord and find your server icon. It should be located in the left side tab.

Once you’ve found the right server icon, right-click on it. Select the ‘server settings’ option to open the settings for that server. Navigate to the Vanity URL tab.


Now, you can start typing out your own custom invite URL. The URL must be unique to your server, and not currently used by another server.

You can use letters and numbers to make up your URL. When you’re done creating your custom URL, click ‘save changes’.

You can also customise your invite links by setting an expiry date, and limiting how many times the link can be used.

To access these options, right-click on the server icon and select ‘invite people’. A new window should pop up, showcasing a generated invite link. By default, the link should expire after a week has passed.

Click on the ‘edit invite link’ option to access the customisation options.


In the section for ‘expire after’, you can set an expiry date. The link will expire after the set amount of time.

In the section for ‘max number of uses’, you can set an amount for how many times the link can be used. When you’re finished, click ‘generate a new link’ to create the invite link.

You can manage a server’s invite links by right-clicking on the server icon, and selecting ‘server settings’. Go to the ‘invites’ tab to see a list of the server’s invite links. Only currently active links will be showcased.

You can see how long a link has until it expires, and the number of times it’s been used. You can also revoke an invite link to deactivate it. To revoke a link, hover over it and click the ‘x’ icon.

How to send a Discord invite link

Now that we’ve discussed how you can generate or create invite links, we’ll go through how you can send those invite links.

For Desktop

In order to send an invite link, you must first copy it. You can either manually copy it by highlighting the URL and pressing Ctrl + C, or click the ‘copy’ option to automatically copy it. The ‘copy’ option should be available when generating an invite link.

To generate a link, right-click a server icon and click ‘invite people’. A link should then be generated. There should be a ‘copy’ option beside the generated link. Click on it to copy the link.

Once you’ve copied the invite link, open a messaging platform of your choice. Make sure that the person you wish to send the link to can be contacted through this platform.

Paste the link in the messaging platform by pressing Ctrl + V, and send the link. The recipient should be able to access the invite by clicking on the link.

You can also choose to personally invite a Discord user by right-clicking on a server icon, and selecting ‘invite people’.

Choose one of your Discord friends to invite, and click the ‘invite’ option next to their username.

For Mobile

Open the Discord app, and click on the three lines in the top left. This should open up the left side tab. Select the server you wish to generate an invite link for.

Then, press the three dots near the top of the screen, and select the ‘invite’ option to generate an invite link.


You will be shown a list of your Discord friends, and the generated invite link. You can choose to invite one of your Discord friends by pressing the ‘invite’ option beside their username. You can also share the link through another platform by pressing the ‘share link’ option.

A tab should appear showcasing a number of different apps. Choose the app you wish to send the link in. Or, you can press the ‘copy’ option to copy the link.

Send the link to your chosen contact. They should be able to access the invite to your Discord server by pressing on the custom invite link.


In conclusion, you can create custom invite links using the Vanity URL feature. You can only access this feature if the server has been boosted to level 3, or the server is part of the partnership program.

Make sure that the custom URL is not already in use, otherwise the link may not work. if it is, you’ll need to create a new Discord vanity URL to send to your friends.

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