How to pin someone else’s tweet

Twitter is one of the more popular social media platforms on the planet, and with Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform, it seems like it’s going to go one of two ways – become dramatically more popular or die a painful death.

Much of the rise or fall of Twitter will depend on its features. While many other platforms such as Instagram and Youtube have different media, you only have to use 280 characters per page. Which means features like pinning tweets to your profile can be valuable.

Whilst it’s really easy for us to pin our own tweet to your profile, it’s not quite as straightforward to pin someone else’s tweet to your profile.

However, it is possible – here’s what to do if you want to pin someone else’s tweet to your Twitter profile.

Two Ways to Pin Someone else Tweet to Your Twitter Profile

If you are using Twitter and you want to pin a tweet to your profile, there are generally only two methods that you can use to do this.

You can either Quote tweet their tweet and their pin your Quote tweet to your profile, or you can use a third party tool to help you do this.

Unfortunately, Twitter still doesn’t not allow you to pin someone else’s tweets directly into their profile.

This is strange, as it’s very easy to show support by liking, retweeting or using the Quote tweet feature.

Method 1: Quote Tweet feature

Twitter not only allows us to retweet the tweets that we like, but it also allows us to Quote tweet them and add our own comment above the tweet too.

You can Quote the tweet by tapping the 3-point menu just beside the tweet, or using the Retweet option and then selecting Quote tweet instead of retweet. Then, you can add a small comment to the tweet or just add a full stop if you want to leave it blank.

After doing this, you can head to your own Twitter timeline, where you’ll be able to use the pin tweet option like you can with your own tweet.

If you want to pin tweets to your profile page that aren’t yours, this is the easiest way to do this in the Twitter app. However, it’s still technically your tweet, as you’re utilising the Quote tweet feature.

If you want to directly tweet someone else’s tweet, you’ll have to use a third party tool if you want the ability to pin any tweet to your Twitter profile.

Method 2: Using a third party tool

Using a third party tool can allow you to pin a particular tweet to your Twitter profiles without having to use a Quote tweet.

There are various tools that allow you to do this, but the most highly regarded is TwTools. You’ll need to give the app access to your Twitter account, but after doing this you’ll then be able to pin someone else’s tweet to your profile easily with the additional options it gives you.

All users who come to your profile will look at two things – first, they’ll check your Twitter bio.

Then, they’ll scroll down to see your pinned tweet – this is why it’s so important to pin the right tweet to your profile if you want to get more followers.


Twitter lets you post tweets from other users your profile by retweeting them, but it’s not easy for users to pin those tweets to their profile.

Fortunately, using a few different workaround methods you can get that tweet pinned to your profile page so that it’ll stay there when others visit your site.

Hopefully, the guide above helps you determine exactly how you can do this without having to worry, so you can go and follow the best Twitter accounts and get back to enjoying your experience.

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