Reddit Upvote Bots Worth Using

If you want to increase your Reddit visibility, using a Reddit bot is considered one of the best ways to do that.

Reddit lets users chat with others about their favourite topics, and even join subreddits dedicated to their common interests. Of course, as with any social platform, it wasn’t going to take long before users wondered how they could game the system – hence, Reddit upvote bots.

Reddit works by using upvotes, which are essentially likes to your posts and comments. The more upvotes, the greater the visibility, and these bots can upvote your posts so that they get boosted onto the front page – something very valuable for most brands.

So if you’re looking to get more Reddit upvotes to your Reddit posts, here’s a few of the best bots and services that allow you to do that.


MediaMister is one of the most legitimate places to get Reddit upvotes. Whilst it’s not strictly a Reddit upvote bot, it’s a great tool to add to your Reddit marketing arsenal.

MediaMister doesn’t just service Reddit – it works with all major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more. They have multiple Reddit accounts owned by the service and the likes you get to your Reddit account will be genuine.

So if you’re looking for Reddit Marketing services, it’s worth checking out MediaMister and testing them out with a small order.

They offer an easy way to buy Reddit upvotes – all you need to do is create posts, deliver some great content and they’ll do the rest.

ASB Reddit Bot

If you want to download a Reddit bot and do everything yourself, ASB Reddit Bot is probably the most well know upvote bot around that allows you to do this.

You can increase the amount of upvotes on your posts with a single tool. You have to sign up to the bot on a monthly plan, but it works well and has survived over the long term too – many other Reddit upvote bots have been closed down.

Overall, it’s worth trying the ASB Reddit Bots if you want to get more upvotes on your posts. -it’s very simple to get more upvotes without having to buy Reddit upvotes from a service, which can be expensive.

Common Questions about Reddit Bots

What can a Reddit bot do?

The simplest type of Reddit bot can give you more upvotes on your posts. However there are some software bots that can up and down vote posts, as well as add comments to various posts too, based on the user comments. Reddit bots can actually perform any task on Reddit, though many people simply use them for up-voting.

How does Reddit upvote bot work?

A Reddit upvote bot uses AI technology to automate the regular actions that you would take from a Reddit account.

Is it against Reddit’s policy to use bots?

As with all social platforms, Reddit does not like the use of bots. If you are looking to automate upvotes with Reddit, make sure that you’re using a solid bot that won’t get caught. A good Reddit upvoting bot is guaranteed to get your posts upvoted on Reddit without detection. Poor software that is easily identified by moderators could result in you getting banned from the platform.

How do you get 1000 upvotes on Reddit?

The easiest ways for you to get 1000 upvotes to your comments or posts on Reddit is to use a Reddit service or Reddit upvote bot to boost the amount of upvotes you get. However, you could also get those upvotes by simply posting amazing content on the platform consistently – there’s no way of telling which post will get the upvotes, as Reddit is very fickle. However, if you keep posting eventually one will take off.


Though there are some Reddit alternatives, it’s still one of the most used platforms for social chat. Usually Reddit is one of the most difficult places for marketers to get a response.

It’s extremely crowded with other people for a start, but the typical Redditor is not the type that likes being marketed too – which makes marketing on the platform a little tricky.

Instead of getting overwhelmed, one thing you can do to gain attention is to use an upvote bot or upvote service. Even if you don’t have a personal Reddit account, you can get these upvotes delivered to a post you make on the platform from your brand’s account.

There are several upvote bots and software tools that are geared towards automating these votes on Reddit, with the best ones listed above. The beauty is that it’s unlikely the other Reddit users will know you’ve used a bot, which can make your marketing appear to be organic.

So, if you’re looking for the best Reddit upvote bot, hopefully this post helps you work out which one is right for you.

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