The ten best Twitter accounts to follow for UK

While many social media platforms have come and gone over the years such as Myspace, Bebo and Vine, others have stood the test of time.

One that has certainly done that, and changed the way in how we consume news and information, is Twitter.

Since launching in 2006, it has gained in popularity year on year and currently boasts over 300 million active monthly users.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to cut 300 million down to just ten, and provide you with the best ten Twitter accounts to follow in 2022.

The ten best Twitter accounts to follow


Sky News is a reputable News outlet in the United Kingdom, which covers all the key talking points across the world.

Their breaking news account does exactly what it says on the tin – provides users with instant updates to the biggest news as it happens.

Other outlet such as BBC also provide a similar service, but we just think Sky News provide a more balanced outlook.



Don’t worry, we’re not about to start preaching about God, Christianity or any religion for that matter, this Twitter account is perfect if you enjoy satire.

Recent top tweets include ‘My April Fool’s joke this year is the state of the world.’ and ‘I am launching a formal review of Creation to see where it went wrong.’

Basically, follow this account to bring a bit of light-hearted humour to your Twitter timeline.


If you’re looking to learn random, but interesting, facts about just about everything then this is the Twitter account for you.

They post regular updates throughout the day with facts that will consistently amaze you.

I mean, they could be tweeting complete nonsense but the facts sound so good that you don’t really want to find out if they’re actually true or not.


This account shares images from the past that are often either mind blowing, fascinating or upsetting.

You’re going to feel some real emotions by following this account but it really can be an enjoyable account to flick through.

With each image, the account provides a couple of short sentences to provide context, making it a learning curve as much as anything else.



I’m sure everyone knows what NASA is so we won’t bore you with information relating to the United States’ space agency. The Twitter account, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of boring.

They share information on their upcoming plans and missions and upload truly remarkable images taken from space. Get following now before they end up on Mars!


Back to a news channel now, but one specifically aimed at sports fans.

Regardless of whether you are in to football, tennis, cricket, athletics, basketball, or all of the above and more, the SkySportsNews Twitter account has you covered. Turn notifications on to ensure you don’t miss any breaking news from the world of sport.

If you enjoy plenty of football GIFs, then you need to be following SSN – although sometimes GIFs stop working on Twitter, the content remains hard to beat.


Although their Twitter handle is @dog_feelings, the actual account name is ‘Thoughts of Dog’. The account tweets as if it’s a dog and is very satirical, much in the same way TheTweetOfGod is.

If you’re a dog lover and owner then this account is a must follow as you will be able to relate everything they tweet to your pet and if you aren’t a dog lover then, well, what is wrong with you!?


Martin Lewis is the creator and founder of and is an expert when it comes to finding ways for people in the UK to save money.

Given the cost of living crisis that we are currently experiencing, there is literally no one better to take spending advice from than Martin.

Through his Twitter account, he regularly provides money saving tips that could save you a fortune in the short and long term.


If you wanted to follow an account that you could relate to then there is none better than @SoVeryBritish.

They regularly tweet scenarios that every person in the UK will relate to and will leave you with a smile on your face after a quick flick through their tweets.

Recent examples of tweets from @SoVeryBritish include ‘“I’m not sure I fancy anything in the fridge” –Translation: We’re having a takeaway and we both knew it long ago’ and ‘Saying “happy Friday!” in an email and wondering what you’ve become.’


We’ve saved the best until last, I hope you’re ready for this. It’s an account with over 400,000 followers so it must provide riveting content, right? Right?

Well, if you count tweeting ‘Bong Bong Bong’ every 15 minutes as riveting then yes, absolutely.

The account has been doing this for 14 years and it still as bizarrely humorous now as it was back then. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say it is the peak of British comedy.


We hope that you have appreciated this list and given all ten a follow.

In reality, the best twitter accounts to follow will be entirely subjective to your personal tastes but all ten here are generic enough to warrant a place on everyone’s ‘following’ list. And If you don’t like them, then all you have to do is unfollow!

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