How to get Netflix app on Sky Q – Quick Guide

Sky and Netflix are two hugely popular services that can come together thanks to Sky’s premier subscription service, Sky Q.

If you have Sky Q’s Ultimate On Demand package then you can even add your Netflix subscription to the overall price, bringing your bills together in to one price. But, how do you get the Netflix app on to your Sky Q box?

Well, in this article we will go through the bulletproof process which will get you up and running on Netflix on your Sky Q box and also run through any possible problems that you may encounter during the process.

How to get Netflix app on Sky Q

The first thing you need to do is head to the apps section your Sky Q box and scroll down until you see Netflix.

It should automatically appear here so you won’t need to manually download it.

Once you’ve found the app, open it up and enter your log in details to sign in – you’ll need an existing Netflix account to do this.

If you aren’t yet a Netflix customer then select the sign up option instead to create your account.

You will only have to enter your login details once on the app as it will then remember them going forward.

Once you’ve logged in, you will be given the option to link your account to Sky Q and merge your Netflix and Sky bill into one.

If you’re happy with this then select accept and start watching Netflix on your Sky Q box – merging the two accounts together can make sense if you’re using the same account details.

If you decide further down the line that you want to cancel your Sky Q subscription then don’t worry, your Netflix account will stay active but you will revert back to your previous payment method.

Going forward, to access Netflix on the Sky Q app you have a number of option.

You can either access it via the home screen, on demand section or the apps section.

If you want to be really technologically advanced then you can speak in to your Sky Q remote and ask it to take you to Netflix.

You should be able to have two streams or up to four streams at the same time depending on your Sky package.

Why is Netflix not showing on Sky Q?

If you are struggling to connect your Netflix account to Sky Q, or its disappeared from your television, then you may be encountering one of the following problems.

A poor internet connection

A poor internet connection can cause issues when trying to connect to Netflix, full stop. To check your internet connection while on the Sky Q box you need to first of all check that you have a satellite signal.

To do this, press the home button on your Sky Q remote and then select ‘settings’ followed by ‘status’. On this screen, make sure that that there is tick next to ‘satellite signal’.

Once you’ve checked your satellite signal you then need to check if you are connected your Wi-Fi router.

To do this, press home on your remote control again and head back to the status page via settings.

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Select network and then follow the on screen instructions to either check you are connected to your Wi-Fi router or to establish a connection.

If it is showing that you are connected, then you can rule out connectivity as the reason for your struggles.

A lack of updates

Another reason why you might be having issues connecting Netflix to your Sky Q box could be because you haven’t updated your box in a while.

To check if there are any updates that need performing, press the home button on your remote control and select ‘settings’.

From there, you need to select ‘system info’ and then hover over the option that reads ‘software version’.

If there is an update needed then your box will allow you to select it and then start downloading said update.

If there isn’t an update showing then that means your Sky Q box is running on the most updated version and therefore won’t have any issue in linking up with your Netflix account.

If you want to watch Netflix Premium on Sky Q then you’ll need to using the latest software version available. If not, the Netflix app may not even appear on your smart TV.

Questions about Netflix on Sky Q

Is Netflix included with Sky Q?

Netflix is only included with Sky Q Ultimate TV, which gives you the basic version of Netflix.

Can you watch Netflix on Sky Go?

You can watch Netflix through the Sky Go app, as you’ll need to link it to your Sky account and watch it directly through your Netflix app.

How much is Netflix on Sky Q?

You can get Netflix included in your Sky Q package, and this will typically cost a similar amount to purchasing it directly.


Linking your Netflix account to your Sky Q box is absolutely something that is well worth doing if you are a Sky Q customer, whether you currently have a Netflix account or not.

We hope that our guidance above will help you to connect the Netflix app to your Sky Q box and provide you with easy access to all that Netflix has to offer.

Check out this article if you are having any issues with Netflix not working, as it will help you to get up and running before you attempt to link your account to Sky Q.

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