How many Sky Go devices can you use?

Sky’s never ending list of entertainment products include Sky Q, Sky Go, Sky+ HD, Sky Multiroom and Sky Glass.

It can be confusing for Sky’s customers to understand what product is used for what and how various Sky apps also link to each of these products.

It sounds confusing and that’s because it is, but you’ve come to the right place – we are here to help.

This article will look at how many devices you are allowed on Sky’s apps, how to register new devices and how to cancel existing ones.

By the time you’ve reached the bottom of this article, we are confident that you will no longer be confused by Sky and will start to get the most out of your subscription.

Sky Q app – How many devices are allowed? The simple answer

If you’re asking the question ‘how many devices are you allowed on the Sky Q app’ then it’s likely that you’re mistaking Sky Q for Sky Go.

This is because Sky Q doesn’t actually have an app; it’s merely one of the packages available to customers who are interested in signing up to Sky television.

Sky Go, on the other hand, is the streaming app used by Sky customers to watch their favourite shows, live or demand, while on the go.

The app can be downloaded on to all smart devices with customers only needing their Sky login information to get up and running. So, to get to the main point in hand – how many devices are you allowed on Sky Go?

Sky Go allows users to register up to six devices on their account.

This is a fairly large amount when you compare it to their competitors and reflects the fact that in recent years the average number of smart devices per home in the United Kingdom has increased.

However, this doesn’t explain how many Sky Go devices you can run concurrently with one another – this depends on your Sky Go package.

How many devices can you watch Sky on at the same time as the main box?

Although you are allowed to register up to six devices on your Sky Go account, you are only allowed to use two at the same time.

This is to try and eliminate people taking advantage of the system and sharing their details with non-paying customers who just want free or cheaper access to Sky’s channels.

If you are a Sky Go Extra, Sky Q Multiscreen or Sky Glass Whole Home customer, then you’re in luck because you will be able to use up to four devices at one time – but this is only possible if you’ve picked up one of the Extra or Multiroom packages.

If you are unsure on what Sky package you are signed up to then log in to your Sky account on their website and navigate towards your account information tab.

As we said earlier, there are so many different packages that it’s easy to forget which one you’re on!

How to add and remove devices

If you are looking to add or remove devices then the process is the same regardless of whether you’re trying to do it via the app on your mobile device or if you’re trying to do it on your computer/laptop.

To remove a device then you need to open the Sky Go app and then navigate to ‘settings’ and then ‘manage your devices’.

This will bring up a screen showing all of your registered devices – select ‘remove this device’ next to any devices that you no longer want to use for Sky Go.

Adding a device is even more straightforward. Simply log on to Sky Go on a device that isn’t already registered and start watching.

If there are slots available then it’ll just be added as one of your six devices.

But if you’ve already used all six slots then whichever device has the least amount of downloads attached to it will be automatically removed.

You will lose all your downloaded content on these devices on Sky Go once they are removed, so keep this in mind.

Switch limits

One big stumbling block with Sky Go when it comes to device management is the fact that you can only add/remove one device per calendar month.

This is just Sky’s way of preventing users from sharing their details with friends and family who aren’t paying Sky subscribers.

If you had unlimited switches then realistically everyone in the country would have access to Sky television without paying for it.

Though you can have up to six devices attached to your Sky Go account, this limit can become frustrating when you want to watch Sky Go on a new device.


To conclude, Sky TV and all of their different packages and apps can be very confusing – you can even watch Netflix on Sky Q.

Once you’ve established what you have and haven’t got you should absolutely download Sky Go though to give you the flexibility to watch Sky TV on the move.

Remember to pick your six devices carefully and to avoid downloading any content on a few of these devices to avoid losing any downloads when you add in new devices.

This could be your Sky Q Mini box, mobile phone. streaming sticks, smart TVs or another device completely.

If you have found this article helpful, then feel free to check out our other articles.

We are currently looking at some of the most popular apps on the market and looking at their functionality and features.

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