My Netflix App won’t open – What should I do?

Netflix has become an entertainment staple for millions of households worldwide. Boasting thousands of TV series, films, documentaries, children’s shows and Netflix originals, there is something for everyone. So, it’s no wonder that Netflix is still one of the top streaming services in the world (even after 14 years).

Because Netflix is now so widely accessible and available on a number of different devices, it can be incredibly frustrating settling down to watch your latest chosen series, only to find the Netflix app won’t open. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can try to get your favourite streaming service back up and running before the spoilers hit Twitter. 

Netflix App won’t open – Easy fixes

You’ve checked the basics- making sure your device is not in ‘flight mode’, that you’re connected to a Wi-fi network or have enough mobile data. You know your subscription is paid up to date and you don’t have too many users logged into your account. Not knowing why it’s unresponsive is just adding to your frustration. 

First of all, you need to work out whether the app is experiencing issues, your internet connection is causing the problem, or if you’re in need of an update to get things running smoothly again. 

Netflix servers

Netflix is brought to our screens at the push of a button using masses of data stored on the cloud, and powered by 4,669 servers across the globe. Unfortunately for us, technology can let us down on occasion. So before you start resetting your connection or restarting your device, you can check here to see whether routine maintenance or server issues have taken Netflix temporarily offline in your area. 

Connection issues

Assuming the servers are running as normal, it is likely the reason your Netflix app won’t open is because of an internet connection issue somewhere. First, check whether other internet-based apps or websites are encountering a similar issue. If they are, try the suggestions below… 

Toggle your Wifi 

Toggle your Wifi connection off, and then on again. Reconnection may rectify any problems with the connection. 

Reset your router

Resetting your internet connection is another way to try and get back online. Try resetting your router. In some cases, you might have to unplug at the wall for 10 seconds before reconnecting. A quick google search for your provider, or the instruction manual for your router, will usually give you step-by-step instructions on resetting. You can also check online for the service status or any outages in your area. (If your service is out, you will have to use your mobile data!) 

Re-start your device

The age-old technique, ‘switch it off and on again’ reloads the software and settings to return it to its stable state. 

Check for updates 

Update reminders can be annoying, but they’re imperative to ensuring any security flaws are repaired and bugs are fixed. Fixing or patching these problems is really important to keep your data, and your device, safe. 

Using the latest available version gives you a better experience and updated features, whilst clearing out the outdated ones taking up space on your device, and giving you optimum performance. So it’s good practice to update these regularly to avoid issues. 

If your Netflix app won’t open, it could be that it is due to be updated. If you are using an iPhone, go to the App Store and click on the account icon in the top right-hand corner. 

Scroll down to find a list of all available updates. You can look for the Netflix app update here, or click ‘Update All’ to get updated features for all the apps on the list. 

If the Netflix app does not appear on this list, check to see whether your software needs to be updated. This can be done in settings, but you will have to make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and have your device plugged in on charge. 

Relaunch the app

Sometimes it’s as easy as this. Double-tap the home button on your iPhone, or for later models, swipe up to view all of the apps you currently have open. Swipe up on the Netflix app to close it, then reopen it. 

Uninstall Netflix 

If relaunching Netflix hasn’t done the trick, you can uninstall it. Make sure you have all of your login information before removing it, as you will need to sign in again once it’s reinstalled. 

To uninstall, press the app for two seconds until a menu pops up. 

Select ‘Remove App’ and then ‘Delete App’.

Once this has been removed, you can reinstall it through the App Store. Reinstalling Netflix will automatically download the latest version, meaning any bugs or old versions causing the problem will be removed. 


So, next time your Netflix app won’t open, you should be equipped to deal with it with one of these easy and relatively speedy fixes. Keeping your apps regularly updated and testing your internet connection frequently should help prevent any lapses of service, and keep Netflix running like we have come to know and love.

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