Is eHarmony still religious?

eHarmony has been around for a long time now, and it’s proven to be extremely popular with users both in the US but also across the world too. There are various other options available, but many people appreciate the user base that eHarmony have built.

However, not everyone has always felt welcome on the platform. Let’s take a quick look at whether eHarmony has religious ties.

Is eHarmony Christian?

eHarmony is one of the most popular sites for finding meaningful relationships, but many users still ask whether the platform is solely for religious folk, or even just for Christians.

The truth is that eHarmony is not a Christian dating site, and it’s not even a religious dating site. Users of all faiths use the platform, from Christian and Muslims all the way through to Agnostic and Atheists.

However, there is a good reason why many people think that the app has a religious background – it does.

This is because originally it was a Christianity-based dating site that was made solely to cater to the Christian community – hence the name, eHarmony.

However, eventually the app became a multifaceted dating site, so there are various different users from all walks of life using the platform.

Why is this so important?

Christianity is a popular faith in online dating sites, and it’s not a crime for people to want to date within their own religion.

However, the reason why eHarmony has been in the media on and off for the past 15 years is because originally, the app was only made for straight relationships.

This meant that it only allowed users that were seeking the opposite gender onto the platform – men seeking women, or women seeking men.

Over time, the strict rules of eHarmony that were founded from religion have been relaxed, and the app now allows for same sex relationships and users to find partners of the same sex.

Gay Men and Lesbian Women Can Join eHarmony

Gay men and lesbian women were originally not allowed onto the eHarmony app for many years.

Two decades ago, straight sex couples were the only ones allowed on the platform. Because of this, the organization faced many lawsuits alleging discrimination against the LGBT+ community.

It caused a lot of controversy at the time. Finally, eHarmony changed their rules years ago to increase inclusion and allow for same-gender matches.

Co-founded by Christian Theologian Dr. Neil Clark Warren

While eHarmony does not have a Christianity based service anymore, it was originally only for Christians. This is because the founder of eHarmony, Dr Neil Clark Warren, is a devout Christian that wanted a site for straight users only.

So, the site is founded on the traditional faiths of Christianity. Dr Warren helped in the development of the match-making website, and therefore wanted to implement that same sex couples would not be allowed to use the platform.

They actually went as far to create a completely different app specifically for gay folk that wanted to find a match called Compatible Partners.

That app has now been merged into the eHarmony brand.

The original owner Doctor Warren no longer owns the eHarmony app, so it’s really changed and become modernized in recent years with new owners – allowing the LGBT user base onto the platform is a massive part of that.


In conclusion, in the modern day eHarmony is not only available for Christian users.

In the past, it was a strictly Christian dating site, however this has changed since its inception and the app is now usable for all different religions, and atheists too.

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