How To Add GIFs To WhatsApp: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Have you been looking for an easy way to add some fun and creativity into your messaging? GIFs can be a great way to spice up your conversation, or insert some humour into a chat that’s gone stale.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to spice up your chats by adding GIFs. With just a few simple steps, you can start expressing yourself in new and exciting ways!

Adding a GIF to Your WhatsApp Message

It’s very easy to add a GIF to your WhatsApp message. You can do this by;

  1. Opening WhatsApp.
  2. Open a chat.
  3. Tap Emoji and then GIF.
  4. Tap Search and look for your favourite GIF.
  5. Tap the GIF.
  6. Finally, press Send.

With just a few clicks, you can find the perfect GIF for any situation. Whether it’s expressing excitement over good news or conveying sympathy in difficult times, there’s sure to be an appropriate GIF for every occasion.

Once you’ve found the perfect one, simply copy and paste it into your chat window on WhatsApp and hit send!

GIFs can quickly turn boring conversations into something much more interesting.

They add personality and wit while also helping break up long blocks of text messages – making them easier to read and understand.

Understanding What GIFs Are

GIFs, or graphics interchange formats, are types of digital images that have become very popular in recent years.

GIFs usually contain moving pictures or short videos that can make a statement without having to type anything out.

In the past few decades, they have taken over social media platforms and messaging services as an easy way to express emotions and ideas quickly.

A GIF is made up of individual frames that display one after another in a certain sequence.

Every frame is compressed using lossless data compression so it takes up less space than other image files, making them easier to share online without taking too much time or bandwidth.

A single GIF may be composed of just two frames but more complex animations can involve several hundred frames displayed at different speeds and angles.

Some people also use GIFs for creating artwork by combining multiple images together into one animation.

This technique has been used to create some stunning visual effects like 3D scenes with objects coming in and out of focus as well as morphing shapes from one thing into another seamlessly over time.

There are even tools available today which allow anyone with basic knowledge of design software like Photoshop to easily create their own animated masterpiece from scratch.

Choose GIFs Wisely

When sending a GIF n a WhatsApp conversation, it is important to choose your GIFs wisely. Think about the message you want to send, and select one that best fits the tone of the conversation.

While emoticons are often seen as informal expressions, more thoughtful images such as illustrations or clip art can come across as more sophisticated and meaningful.

Consider selecting a GIF that conveys emotion but also has some educational value for everyone involved in the chat.

When using any form of communication online, it’s important to be mindful of who will be receiving your messages.

Be aware that not all members of your audience may understand certain references from cultural sources such as TV shows or movies.

It’s always best practice to consider how someone might interpret what you’re sending before hitting “send” on any digital message

Troubleshooting Issues With Sending or Receiving GIFs via WhatsApp

GIFs are a popular form of communication that make messaging more fun, dynamic, and personal.

Unfortunately, there may be times when issues arise with sending or receiving GIFs and stickers via WhatsApp.

Whether it’s due to slow connection speeds or technical glitches on the app itself, troubleshooting these issues can be tricky.

  • Check Your Connection Speeds: Before attempting any other solutions to this issue, check your internet connection speed.
  • Clear Memory & Cache: Another potential culprit is the amount of memory being used by the application itself as well as its cache – both can become clogged up with old files from past conversations or even from previous versions of WhatsApp itself.
  • Update WhatsApp: Lastly, updating WhatsApp could fix many problems related to its functioning; whether they are caused due to bugs in older versions or simply because newer features require new codebase updates for them work properly.

In conclusion, there are several ways one can go about troubleshooting GIF delivery issues with Whatsapp.

This includes checking connection speeds (Wi-Fi vs Cellular Data), clearing memory & cache along with deleting unnecessary apps & content from device storage plus making sure we’ve updated our version of WhatsApp regularly.


GIFs also come with several practical benefits when added into WhatsApp chats. These include:

  • The ability to quickly convey messages.
  • A way of showing emotion without having to use words.
  • A tool for creating humorous moments during dull conversations.

Using GIFs while chatting on WhatsApp can be particularly helpful if you are trying to communicate something complex or difficult which would otherwise take too much time typing out in detail.

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