How To Make Your Own WhatsApp Stickers: A Step-By-Step Guide

Making your own WhatsApp stickers is an easy and creative way to show off your personality.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create custom stickers of yourself, friends, family members or even pets. Then, you can use them in conversation with your pals.

Creating a Personalized Sticker Pack for WhatsApp

Making your own sticker pack for WhatsApp is a great way to personalize your messaging experience.

Personalizing the experience on WhatsApp can be done in many ways, including creating a sticker pack.

There are several steps involved in making your own unique set of stickers that you can use while chatting with friends and family.

The first step to creating a personalized sticker pack is to decide what kind of images you want to include.

You may opt for cartoon characters, photos of yourself or other people, landscapes, animals or whatever else suits your fancy!

Once you have chosen the images you would like to include in your custom sticker collection, it’s time to get creative and turn them into actual stickers.

This can be done by using an image editor such as Photoshop or GIMP and adding frames and shapes around the pictures before saving them as PNG files. Or, you can use a WhatsApp sticker maker like;

Once all of the stickers have been created, they will need to be uploaded onto Google Play Developer Console where users from across the globe will see them when searching for new sticker packs on their device’s app store.

After setting up an account with Google Play Developer Console and filling out all necessary information about pricing (if any) for downloading this new collections of stickers, hit publish.

Creating a personalized sticker pack is not only fun but also allows people who use WhatsApp express themselves more clearly through visual imagery rather than just words alone.

Sharing Your Sticker Packs

When you have created a set of custom WhatsApp stickers that reflect who you are or what makes you laugh – there comes time to show them off!

Sharing your stickers couldn’t be simpler; just click on the sharing icon in the bottom right corner and select which friends or family members would appreciate it most!

You could also post publicly by clicking share link within the app so anyone with access can add it into their library.

Enjoying Custom Stickers From Others

Not only will others love receiving your personalised creations but they may even return the favour by sending some of their own back!

To enjoy any sticker pack shared with you follow these easy steps;

  • Open up their chat window where they sent it
  • Click on ‘add’
  • Select ‘add to WhatsApp’
  • Hit Done.

Now, its ready for use whenever conversation kicks off! For added convenience why not save favourite collections under ‘favourites’?

This way when someone sends over one that really tickles your fancy – no need to scroll though hundreds looking for its location again later down track. Enjoy those creative conversations today!.


In conclusion, designing/editing artworks using WhatsApp is incredibly straightforward thanks platforms that offer an intuitive user interface & powerful set features.

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With a wide array options available (from brush types right through exporting formats) plus ability send works over social networks just few taps away, you can create your own WhatsApp stickers within no time at all.

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