How To Record WhatsApp Calls: Step-By-Step Guide For Both Android & iPhone Users

For those that want to know how to record WhatsApp calls, this guide will show you exactly how to do it for both Android and iPhone users.

Whether your goal is to save a memory of an important conversation or keep track of details discussed on a call, recording WhatsApp calls can be easily done with the right instructions. Here’s what to do.

WhatsApp Call Recording on Android

WhatsApp call recording on Android is a great feature for anyone who wants to keep track of their calls. It’s easy to use, and it can be enabled with just a few taps.

With this feature, you can make sure that you don’t miss important conversations.

All WhatsApp audio conversations are recorded in high quality and stored securely on your device, so you don’t have to worry about losing any important information.

Enabling WhatsApp call recording on your Android device is simple:

  • Open the WhatsApp app.
  • Tap the menu icon (three dots) at the top right corner.
  • Select Settings from the menu.

Once in Settings, select Calls followed by Call Recording. You’ll then see two options – Automatic Record or Manual Record. Select whichever option works best for your needs.

There are many benefits that come along with using this feature, as you can easily refer back to conversations if needed. Plus, it saves time as all recordings are instantly available on your device.

It also helps keep records secure and prevents any data loss due to accidental deletion or corruption.

Recording WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

This process is actually even easier on an iPhone, which has an in-built screen recording feature you can use.

To record WhatsApp calls on iPhone, you can use a screen recording feature on your device or a third-party app.

Here’s how:

  1. Screen recording: Go to Control Center > Screen Recording > Start Recording. The call will be recorded along with the audio.
  2. Third-party app: Download an app like “TapeACall” or “Call Recorder” from the App Store and follow the app’s instructions to record the call.

Fortunately, it’s super easy to go through these steps, so you shouldn’t have much issue recording calls here.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Recording WhatsApp Calls

If you’re having trouble recording WhatsApp calls, the first thing to do is make sure that your phone’s microphone and speaker are working properly.

Check if both components are plugged in firmly and if any wires or cables have been disconnected.

Also ensure that the sound settings on your phone are not set too low; this can cause audio quality issues when attempting to record a call.

Lastly, be sure to test out different locations for making calls as background noise can often interfere with recording.

Software Problems

Your next step should be troubleshooting any potential software problems that may be hampering your ability to make recordings of WhatsApp calls.

Make sure you’ve downloaded the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp and check whether there is an update available for your device’s operating system (iOS or Android).

Additionally, look into any permissions issues which might prevent access to the microphone — these need to be granted before attempting a call recording session.

Then, try reinstalling any third-party apps used for recording – sometimes minor bugs can lead them malfunctioning unexpectedly.

External Hardware Issues

Finally, examine external hardware related problems with respect to recording WhatsApp calls such as broken headphone jacks or damaged microphones/speakers.

If possible, use headsets instead of built-in speakers for improved sound quality during recordings.

Some models even come equipped with additional features like active noise cancelling capabilities, which help reduce ambient noise significantly while providing clearer audio output from both ends of a call conversation.

Additionally, consider investing in good quality equipment specifically designed for efficient call recordings since they will provide better results than generic ones typically found on smartphones/tablets today.


An additional useful feature that many users enjoy is call recording on WhatsApp.

This allows them to record their conversations for archiving purposes or simply as a way to remember important details from their chats. This can be useful for both personal and Business WhatsApp calls.

Recording your conversations on WhatsApp is incredibly easy; you don’t need any specialized software or hardware – just press the Record button within the app itself during your call.

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