Garmin vs TomTom UK – Comparing the two

When it comes to sat nav devices, there’s a few different options that you can choose to go with. In some cases, it may even be better to just stick with your phone and the best navigation app you can download.

But in other cases, you may actually want to invest in a TomTom or Garmin sat nav. If you’ve come to this conclusion, this is what you need to know about the difference between the two companies and their devices.

Garmin vs TomTom

The key difference between Garmin and TomTom maps is that they tend to work better in certain countries.

Garmin devices and the Garmin app works great with most world maps, but it’s specifically good in the US.

In comparison, TomTom has better map updates in Europe. This means that for UK users, TomTom is likely to be the better choice.

But truthfully, there’s a little more to it than just the map updates that they both offer. Let’s look at Garmin and TomTom devices in a little more detail.

Garmin vs TomTom devices

Those who have purchased sat-nav equipment may consider TomTom and Garmin as superior brands, and they’re both definitely good quality.

What’s the most reliable Sat Nav to have in your car? Both of these brands release solid models of sat nav.

Some of our favourites include the Garmin Drivesmart series, which is tough to beat when it comes to premium sat nav systems.

However, the TomTom Go devices might be more reliable than Garmin if you’re in Europe.

Honestly, no matter what brand you select, Garmin and TomTom make high-quality devices with the same features. The device build is important, but GPS performance is even more crucial.

Sat-nav postcode accuracy

With so many satellite navigation systems available at an attractive low cost, we really need to consider which is better for the UK road user.

Out of the two, TomTom devices tend to be better when it comes to local maps. TomTom lifetime map updates will continually be updated as long as you own your sat nav device.

They’re great when it comes to routing accuracy, live traffic alerts and they’re sure to keep you out of a traffic jam. Garmin maps aren’t bad, but they’re simply just not as good in mainland Europe.

Lifetime maps is the key difference between Garmin and TomTom devices for UK users, and thats why we recommend TomTom GPS devices as the best sat navs of the two.

Easy use

The user interface of your sat nav is also important, and this is something that both apps are pretty much neck and neck in.

You’ll probably find that TomTom GPS devices are easier to read than Garmin – this is what the majority of users find. Garmin devices are

Both navigational devices will come with voice control, Bluetooth integration and strong smartphone connectivity, so that isn’t something you’ll need to worry about.

However, one of the key factors between them will be their live traffic data, as this can help you in avoiding traffic.

Live traffic updates

Even in very busy areas, your satellite navigation is very useful if it provides realtime traffic information.

In the event of a traffic jam or other emergency, a sat nav device will become even more important – but most sat nav users tend to be pro drivers that need premium devices as they drive for a living.

Some satellites are more expensive than you’d expect, but if it includes lifetime update maps, it’s probably a good investment.

The road is changing continuously and therefore it can be very costly and simple to update maps.

Not with TomTom map updates though, as you won’t need to continue to pay for worldwide maps or UK map updates either.

On a budget – The best choice is neither

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a new sat nav, then the best choice may not be either of these two devices.

You may just want to stick with downloading a smartphone app instead of splashing out on a new sat nav.

You can look at either of these apps, or you could look at something like Waze, or even sticking with Google Maps as a GPS technology if you’re not a professional driver.

Most good apps will have speed camera alerts, live traffic data that shows the circumstance in your area, and even hands free calling if you get the right setup.


All in all, both Garmin and TomTom devices tend to have their own benefits depending on what you need. They can both help you avoid speed cameras, and there are several good options from both the TomTom range and the Garmin range too.

The comparison between them is hard, simply because both brands have so many different models of sat nav on the market.

When a GPS device is able to calculate your journey correctly, then other features are no longer as important – Bluetooth, hands-free phone calls and mobile notification come second to regular traffic updates and high performance.

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