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Satellite-navigation systems are much more comprehensive than they were even ten years ago, and most of us nowadays will use a sat nav app on our way to and from work.

But there are a few different sat nav apps that you can choose from, and it’s not always easy to know which ones to opt for. Here, we took a look at the best sat nav apps on the market right now.



For those that make a living driving every day, Waze is definitely the best sat nav app to opt for.

When you install the app, you’re guaranteed to get realtime traffic conditions that change as and when they happen. If consistent and reliable traffic updates are the most important thing for you, then Waze is the right choice.

As well as this, Waze also has a pretty decent route finding tool that you can use to plan your journeys. It can easily be downloaded on your Android phone, and the app is fully customizable to your own needs.

You’ll get consistent traffic alerts throughout the day, as well as safety warnings, notification of speedcams and police in your areas, as well as a whole host of other information too.

Google Maps

Most people already use this app on a regular basis anyway, but there’s a good reason for that – it’s a great sat nav app.

As you’d expect, Google has access to a vast amount of data that they can use to provide you probably the most accurate sat nav service out there. You only need to take a quick look at Google Earth to see how much their satellites can see.

Another good feature of Google maps is the flexibility of its navigation system. The Google Maps app is available on all Android devices, and you can easily integrate it with your Google account – this makes it easy to use between your phone, tablet and laptop too.

Many big car companies like Volvo and Polestar have integrated their sat nav system into Android and Google Maps, meaning if you drive one of these makes, it’s a no brainer to download Google Maps are start using it today.

TomTom GO Navigation

If you want something more than just an app, you may want to consider opting for a TomTom Sat Nav system for your vehicle. You’ll get real traffic information, the ability to add your residential address and much more when using TomTom Go.

This is a comprehensive SatNav app for Android, and it can help you to select the fastest and most convenient route pretty much every time. It also allows you to add in multiple stops along the way if you like making pre-planned routes.

TomTom Go is free of charge to download, however you do need to sign up to a subscription plan when you want to use the app. You can easily save your route plans in the account by using TomTom’s MyDrive Route Planner, which can help if you’re headed to remote locations.

TomTom is often compared with Google Maps, and for good reason – it’s one of the best navigation apps out there.

HERE WeGo: Maps & Navigation

An app that was originally created by Nokia has now become one of the top sat nav apps you can use. You can actually use HERE WeGo in browser if you want to, but the default navigation app is one of the better options out there.

You will be able to use GPS tracking to navigate cities with ease – if City navigation is important to you, this may be a solid choice.

The app allows you to travel city streets with easy-to-read walking directions, and it’s also one of the better apps when it comes to taking public transportation.

However, it’s still a great app for driving too, with accurate traffic data and solid turn by turn directions. The voice instructions are precise, with turning directions for each turn.

You can also choose to keep your data safe on your Android device by downloading maps for a region of your choice or continent. If you want a sat nav app with free offline maps, you’ll want to check out the offline mode that HERE WeGo offers.

Navmii GPS

Navmii Satellite Navigation is a free navigation app that enables users to view a wide range of vehicle-specific digital maps. This is based on OpenStreetMap, and you can get a free version of both UK and US maps by checking it out.

The NavMii app will provide you with voice-guided navigation whilst you’re driving. It also has live data, local searches and other useful features like automatic rerouting whilst you’re driving. Also accessible offline maps are easily downloaded to save in advance to more than 150 countries.

You do need to pay a small one off fee for certain features, like speed camera warnings. This can be totally worth it though, as avoiding speed cameras is a necessity if you’re often out on the road and rely on a clean driving licence.

If you’re looking for something that’s completely free, then it’s definitely worth checking out the free version of Navmii to see if it has what you need.

CoPilot GPS navigation

CoPilot GPS navigation is made for maximum driver comfort, and it can help to ensure safety and efficiency. For this reason, it’s extremely popular with caravaners and truck drivers (it’s often used by businesses that have a lot of vehicles).

It’s a simple navigation software that has both 2D and 3D mode depending on what you prefer.As you’d want from any GPS app, it has extremely accurate traffic data that enables you to get to your destination as quick as possible by avoiding traffic jams and accidents.

It’s a solid mobile application that offers reliable navigation for those using an Android device – you only need to look at the reviews to see that it’s pretty decent. It has lane guidance and covers road closures well.

Overall, Copilot is made to keep you safe whilst driving. It gives an efficient driving experience whilst also allowing you to comply with regulations.

Sygic GPS Navigation and Maps

Sygic is another extremely popular app that can be used to download maps, find your nearest petrol station and much more.

Sygic is automatically integrated with certain vehicles, so if you drive a certain make of car (like Mazda or Jaguar), you’ll definitely want to download this to your phone apps.

There are some paid-for upgrade features that you can use with Sygic like it’s headphone display, a dashcam, and an interactive mapping system. Sygic is available for Android smartphones, and it uses TomTom mapping data so you can be sure it’s accurate.

Common Questions about Sat Nav apps

Can I use Apple Maps on Android?

A solid alternative to both Waze and Google Maps, Apple Maps is typically the choice for iPhone users – not Android. Though if you have other Apple devices in your home (like an Apple Watch), it’s pretty tough to beat, as Apple Maps has improved a lot in recent years (great news for Apple iOS users).

Is there a better GPS app than Google maps?

When it comes to things like planning multiple routes and battery life, it’s hard to find anything better than Google Maps. However, where the app struggles is with accurate voice guidance and the ability to download maps – this is where some alternatives can become useful.

Are offline maps free with navigation?

Many users wonder whether offline navigation is really free. The answer is that yes, many navigation apps allow you to download their map data for free. Though, the downside of offline navigation is that you won’t get real time traffic alerts or the ability to use the app’s search function.

Do navigation apps use data?

The answer is that yes, navigation apps definitely do use data. This can be annoying if you have poor mobile coverage, as you won’t be able to track traffic flow accurately.


There are definitely some advantages to using a sat nav, with many different mobile apps to choose from. Having a GPS-enabled phone is essential if you want to make your journey from A to B.

Many apps are available for free, but often the best sat nav apps have a small fee. For most people, this will be worth paying for – a one time fee to avoid getting lost is a bargain if you ask me.

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