Uber vs Taxi UK: Price Comparison and more

There’s no doubt that Uber has revolutionised the taxi industry with their innovative technology

Uber is expanding to more countries every year, and it’s considered one of the best taxi apps. Currently, Uber operates only in selected cities in the UK but its expanding quickly, meaning there’s a chance that it’ll arrive at a City near you pretty soon.

However, not everyone is a fan of Uber. This includes pretty much every taxi driver, who’ll never fail to tell you how much they hate the platform. But as a customer, which one of the two is the better option?

Uber vs Taxi- Which is Cheaper?

The answer is that Uber fares are almost always going to be lower than when you opt for a taxi service.

In comparison to a standard taxi, Uber is typically half the price of your regular taxi or private hire vehicle. If we compare Uber to black cabs, they can be as much as 75% less in comparison.

This is a dramatic difference in price, and most people will probably want to download the Uber app immediately.

This is another big benefit to Uber – you can simply let Uber drivers you need a ride from the app on your phone, no need to make a phone call.

Why might you pick a taxi?

Uber being the cheaper option of the two does not mean that taxi firms will become obsolete. This is because taxis can provide advantages in comparison to hiring an Uber, like:

Black cab drivers have an expert knowledge of London, often knowing how to get from A to B faster with any shortcuts

Taxis take cash payments

There are some that criticise the hiring processes and due diligence of Uber’s careers team (completely subjective)

How does Uber work?

Uber’s services essentially revolve around smartphones and using the Uber app. Once passengers download the app, create an account and add payment cards, they can then book their ride.

If someone wants to use Uber, they just have to add the destination in the β€˜Where to’ box and let the app do its thing.

Uber shows drivers names and photos within the app, along with their license plates, and the make and model of their vehicle.

After a journey is complete, payment is automatically made to the driver of the vehicle via your credit or debit card.

How much does an Uber ride cost?

Pricing with Uber varies by demand as well as availability of Ubers, so it’s very difficult to give a set price.

Uber is a company that offers a streamlined and affordable service to its customers, and their whole goal is to offer a better rate to the passenger of their vehicles.

Uber increases their normal prices in times of larger demand than its drivers. The surcharge for a weekend in London or Manchester is typically double the usual price, but this is very much the same with taxi firms too.

The good thing is that Uber customers are told that their prices will rise when they do, and you can see the price before booking your Uber driver – there’s nothing worse than an unsurprising expensive taxi bill at the end of your journey.


Sometimes getting a taxi is the easier option of the two, but realistically, it’s very rarely cheaper than getting an Uber. Therefore, you should probably only consider getting a taxi when it comes to convenience, as they are typically the more expensive of the two.

However, we should mention that black cabs do have a very in-depth knowledge of driving in London. So, if you’re in this region, getting a black cab can make sense if you want to go somewhere specific that may require expert knowledge.

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