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Emojis can be found in almost every text message we send, so it’s no surprise that people are looking for new innovative ways that they can get their hands on more emojis.

If you are searching for an iPhone emoji app, there’s a few different ones you can opt for – they can help you to express feelings in a message, as well as show emotion and more. Here’s a couple of emoji apps for iPhone that you should check out.

Adult Emojis for Lovers

One of the best emoji apps you can download if you want to send some saucy messages is this Adult Emoji app.

There are ten different galleries within this emoji app, and you’ll have access to almost 1000 more emojis. You can use them in iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp and most of your favourite messaging apps.

Besides emojis, it also offers an app which lets people share their naughty expressions with their loved ones. There’s a variety of different expressions to choose from,

It’s also possible to select your emoji sizes in the app if you like sending super sized ones. The emojis can be accessed easily with an integrated keyboard extension that means you don’t need to click out of your messaging app.

The app is completely free to download, and it doesn’t have any ads within the app either.

So it’s worth downloading the app and seeing whether it has what you’re looking for – if you want the chance to use a different emoji than you’re used to, this would be an excellent choice.


Bitmoji may be the best iPhone Emoji app if you want the ability to create custom emojis based on your own cartoon.

Your cartoon avatar will come with a vast collection of unique stickers displaying your personality, and all you need to do is enter the initial information for the app to get started.

You pick the facial expression, hair, and makeup customizations if your emoji and the app will help you enhance your appearance through choosing numerous designer outfit designs.

This app is owned by Snapchat, and though it’s designed for you to create moments on Snapchat from the iPhone keyboard, it can be used in other apps too.

It’s really fun playing with it even when you have no-one to send messages too, but it’s definitely worth downloading a giving it a try to see if you enjoy various emojis from the iPhone.


Emoji> has been used on iPhone for many years, which can be exemplified by the tens of millions of downloads the app has received.

The emoji app is very good for those looking for variety, as there’s plenty of emojis to use within Emoji>. These emojis are suited in to your life events and are offered as messengers or as avatars.

You can update your collection of Emojis regularly, as there are many different emojis you can download, with lots of stickers too.

This software is compatible with almost every smartphone and text messaging app on your iPhone, so it’s definitely worth a download.

Moji Maker

Moji Maker is one of the oldest apps in this list, and it was one of the first to make emojis available on iOS phones in many languages.

Besides the great cartoon look, the keyboard has colorful emojis and cool fonts. However, what it’s most well known for is its custom emojis, as it gives you a high level of customization over each emoji that you make.

The website also provides you with a number of cartoon animated emotions that are pre-made – you can easily set the app up to work when you’re sending an iMessage to other users.

If you want thousands of premade designs and the ability to create many more using customize options within the app, Moji Maker would be a great choice to download.

Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji is an excellent choice for people that love emojis. The latest version boasts about 2000 different HD emojis that you can choose from.

Elite Emoji has everything you need to help make your message experience fun. Aside from emojis, the app also offers sticker packs that you can download which are great for expressing vivid feelings.

The software even lets you create custom background colours on stickers and emojis too.

Overall, this app has more emoji features than the average emoji app, and it’s worth downloading if you’re looking to have a little more fun.


The good news is that if you use an iPhone, you can find some free emojis apps for your device. It is generally pretty easy for you download and get one of these third-party apps installed.

Here, we’ve listed some of the best emoticon apps that have various different useful features built-in. You can clear your iPhone history beforehand if you want to start from fresh with your emoji usage too.

Thankfully, these apps allows us to communicate with our friends and family very easily. This includes using emojis for chatting, it will certainly make a difference when it comes to conveying your emotion over text message.

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