iPhone Hotspot Disconnects When Locked Screen – What Apple Says

Unfortunately, even the best smartphones available without flaws, and iPhones are no exception. One of the most common complaints iOS users have is that their hotspot connection goes when they lock their phone.

The problem usually occurs when a screen lock has been enabled automatically. Fortunately, you can usually resolve problems like this quickly – here’s what to do if your smartphone disconnects while locked.

Fix iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting

While iPhones can generally be considered a stable phone, a feature which many can have issues is the Hotspot function.

Many iOS users have complained about this particular iPhone hotspot disconnect issue, but Apple haven’t seemed to release any official advice on what to do if you have this problem.

Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to resolve the issue – this how to fix hotspot disconnects on iPhones.

Disable auto lock

There are three main ways that you can resolve this problem for your iPhone, and we’ll start with the most common: Autolock.

Autolock on iOS devices will automatically lock your phone after a certain amount of time. This is pretty normal, as that’s essentially what the function is set up to do.

However, sometimes locking your phone whilst you’re trying to use the hotspot can cause issues. To resolve this, you can simply toggle the auto lock function on your iPhone off.

You can do this by first;

  1. Head into the Settings on your phone.
  2. Next, select Display and Brightness.
  3. Then, scroll down to the Auto lock function on your phone.
  4. Here, you should be able to toggle the Auto Lock function to Never.

Making sure that your auto lock is set to Never is a good way to ensure that your hotspot will stay active, even when you’re not using.

Turn off low power mode

Another reason why your iPhone may keep disconnecting the hotspot connection is because you have low power mode enabled.

This is a precautionary measure, as your iPhone will automatically disconnect as it’s trying to save more battery life.

Low power mode is automatically enabled when your phone gets to 20% or lower battery life.

You can disable low power mode by;

  1. Going into the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down the page until you see the Battery option.
  3. Then, swipe down the page until you see the Low power mode option in the list.
  4. You can toggle low power mode off.

Doing this is the best way to ensure that your iPhone will use its full potential and won’t try to reserve battery by switching your hotspot connection off.

Just keep in mind that your battery life will drain down faster if you’re not in low power mode.

Keep your iPhone active

The final way that you can ensure that your iPhone hotspot stays on is to make sure that you don’t allow your iPhone to time out.

If you leave your device alone for too long, it may find that it is automatically disconnected when you come back to it.

How long is this time? It’s approximately 90 seconds before your device becomes disconnected from your mobile hotspot connection.

So, make sure that you keep your device active if you want to keep your mobile hotspot active.

Nevertheless, you may face slow internet connections and your phone hotspots are likely to disconnect randomly.

Using the methods above, you should be able to fix the issue. If not, then you could consider using a tethering app to ensure a stable connection.


Usually, it’s quite easy to configure your iPhone as a Wi-Fi hot seat, and allow other users to share their internet connections with you (or vice versa).

Nevertheless, there are times that your iPhone may disconnect from the internet. It can be frustrating to wait for the internet to load, but if you make sure that your device is connected to a hotspot on the phone properly, it should work.

Disabling auto-lock on an iPhone is usually a solution to hotspot disconnect issues, and if you run through the rest of the solutions above, you should be able to fix things.

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