How to clear history on iPhone

There’s many reasons to delete browsing history on iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and pretty much all Apple devices.

This can be a multitude of different things – clearing your Safari history, your Google Chrome history, your dictation history and website data or even just your iPhone’s history completely.

We’re going to run through all of the ways that you can clear the history on your iPhone so you can start again from scratch.

Clearing history on iPhone

It can be beneficial to delete your iPhone browsing history if you want to protect your personal information, and it can actually make your device work better too.

The good things is that it’s quite easy to clear your history – here’s the different ways you can do this.

How do I clear Safari history and website data on my iPhone?

For those that do not know this, there’s a quick way that you can clear your history on iPhone by simply clicking into your Safari browser.

First, you need to head into your Settings app. Then, scroll down until you see the Safari option in the list.

Here, you’ll be able to select the Clear History and Website Data option to clear all of the history and website data from your Safari app.

This does not allow you to see or delete individual site pages. It is a simple way to remove a site’s data, but it is useful for when you want to completely delete history from Safari.

If you want to delete pages and individual websites from your history, you’ll need to go into your Safari app and do this manually yourself.

You can do this by clicking on the Bookmarks icon in your Safari browser. Then, you can select the History icon, which is in the top right corner of your display.

You’ll then have the option to clear history and website data from a selected time period – you can delete all of your data, or you can just delete website data from the last hour or day instead.

Please remember removing historical information in Safari doesn’t affect AutoFill information in Safari. This means that it won’t delete your card history, which you may want to do if you want to protect your information.

How can I delete history from Chrome on my iPhone?

Chrome stores your visits within 90 days of the date you visit the website. To clear this record, the easiest way to do this is actually by going into the Chrome app itself.

When you open the browser, you’ll see the Settings option in the top right hand corner of your display. Press this, select Settings and then Privacy.

When you do this, you’ll then be met with the option to delete your Chrome search history by using the Clear Browsing History option.

This is a good way for a person remove their history from the Google Chrome app on their iOS device.

Clear Siri History

Another thing that you may want to clear history of is your Siri search history – this is useful if you use Siri search a lot on your device.

You can do this by going into the Settings app on your iPhone and finding the Siri and Search option, which will save all of the previous dictation searches you’ve made within the app.

Here, you should see the option to delete your Siri and Dictation Search history. You can tap Clear history and this will clear all of your previous Siri searches.

Clear your iPhone completely

If you want to go a step further than simply clearing your browser history across different apps, you can consider wiping all of your iPhone data completely.

This will delete not only your entire search history, but pretty much everything from your device including your other storage, so you should use it with caution and only opt to do this when you want to start from scratch.

You can do this by going into your Settings app, pressing General and then finding the Reset option.

When you select this, you’ll be met with the Erase All Content and Settings option, which you can click to completely clear your iPhone’s history, data and all the websites or apps you’ve used.


It is generally quite easy to clear your history, even though some readers have been having trouble with it.

It’s a good idea to clear your searches from your iPhone every now and then. Browsers keep track of your web visits, but you can easily clear your history from your iPhone pretty easily.

So, what should we do to remove browsing data from our history? Well, this depends on what you want to delete the history of – this could be the browsing history from the Safari app, your data or even your Siri search history too.

If you use Siri regularly to find something you are interested in, you may want to delete all Siri-related information in the future. How can we clean up iPhone history?

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