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The Feel Better app by Deliciously Ella is the latest health app designed to improve your lifestyle that we are going to be reviewing. How good is it? Does it help? Well, we’re going to answer those questions here and leave you to decide whether it’s worth it your precious time.

So, what does the app do? Well, a better question may be what does the app not do…?

Feel Better App Review

The Feel Better app is in fact a pretty all encompassing health and wellness app. Need some recipe ideas? Well there’s over 700 plant-based recipes for you to choose from. Looking for some exercise routines to reinvigorate your fitness regime? Well, there’s 250 movement classes, each class is aimed at improving a different aspect of fitness, yoga, pilates, barre, stretch, and cardio classes. What about some general health and wellness classes? Well, there’s mindfulness and sleep classes to be done!

Pros and Cons


Firstly, it must be said that the app looks great, the app is very easy to navigate and clear in what it’s trying to convey. It would be hard not to find what you’re in this app. The tabs are clearly labelled at the top of the home page and the other tabs at the bottom help you get to your settings and tracking. No complaints from me here.

Another pro I would have to say is the recipes themselves. There is a huge range of recipes, they are plant based so that will be personal preference, but they are very healthy and nutritious with clear instructions and ingredients.


Cons for the app are few thankfully but there are a few things to point out here. First is that there is no free version of the app. This is more a design philosophy than a real con, but it is something that will deter some so keep that in mind, if you’re looking for a free health app then this isn’t for you.

The other con is something that I feel is missing from the app, other apps in the same genre take time to do something like a questionnaire, they ask a few questions and tailor their content around your answers to help you reach your goals. This isn’t present here, as with all of these apps this is a personal preference as some will like more freedom in choosing the exercises and recipes they’d like to do but for me I appreciate the recommendations.

Food and recipes

The plans and recipes included in the Feel Better app are for the most part very good. I say this because it would be a literal impossibility to try them all unless you used the app for quite literally, years. And that is no joke, there are over seven hundred recipes included in this app so even if you never used the same recipe twice it would take you two years to get through them all making one new recipe every day. That’s a lot of recipes…

One thing to note is that the recipes themselves do not contain nutritional information, likely because the minor differences in ingredients from differing stores would cause them to be inaccurate but the recipes are all intended to be healthy.

So, how are the recipes I hear you ask. Good, for the ones I tried at least. In fact, one of my biggest praises for the recipes is how well done the method tab is, the step by step process is thankfully very easy to follow. Big plus for me here.

Movement (exercises)

In this app the exercises are under the movement section. Firstly, this section looks great and is easy to manage which is always a plus, with a favourites section so you can save your preferred workouts it’s another bonus to the usability of the app.

The exercises themselves are filtered into six different categories, we have yoga, strength, pilates, cardio, stretch, and Barre. If you’re unsure what Barre is, it’s similar to the warm up that is done for ballet, using the “barre” as a way of balancing and holding poses to improve core strength and balance.

Overall, I think the exercise sessions are good. If you’re looking for some short exercise sessions to do with minimal equipment, then this app has them in abundance. The videos themselves are clearly very well made and professionally done. The instructors seem to know what they’re talking about and lead the classes well.


The tracking in this app is not particularly in depth but it does cover the important parts and does do a good job of showing the different aspects of the app you have been using. You are able to track the food you’ve made from the app, water intake, movement, sleep, and mindfulness.

Overall, I think the tracking is good, but it is a little limited. It’s very good for tracking what you use within the app but tracking your overall food intake is difficult and it specifies that it’s tracking plant based food only. It’s ok but for me at least I wouldn’t use it and would get better results with another app or just tracking it myself.

As for the other tracking besides the food it’s done quite nicely, it’s easy to do and understand. There are even achievements for reaching different milestones to help motivate you. This may not be for everyone but if you like this sort of the thing then it is a nice addition for you to utilise.


Do you have to pay for the Feel better by DE app?

Yes, the Feel Better app is a paid only app. With the paid app you get over seven hundred plant based recipes, two hundred and fifty movement classes, a wellness tracker and more.

How many recipes do you get with the Feel Better by DE app?

The app has over 700 recipes, they are plant based recipes however so they can be a little limiting for the meat eaters out there.

What can the Feel Better by DE app track?

The Feel Better app tracks a variety of aspects of your lifestyle to give you a good summary of your overall health. Including; plant based food, water intake, exercise done with the app, sleep and mindfulness. There is also a handy wheel chart to display your progress which is a nice visual indicator.


In conclusion I think the app does what it’s designed for well. It’s an all encompassing app which helps with the different areas of health and fitness. It’s uncommon for app such as this to not only focus on exercise and nutrition but also on aspects such as sleep and mindfulness.

Something to keep in mind is that the app is for paid users only, without a free version it’s not an app for those who aren’t willing to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. I will add that the price for the app is very little considering the amount of content you get with the app. If you compare it to how much you may spend on a recipe book for example its value is well above what it is asking.

Remember there is a free seven day trial so you can test out the app for a week!

Lastly it should be mentioned that this app is for those looking for a plant based diet and a more relaxed exercise regime. It’s not that the workouts are not going to be challenging but if you’re looking for an app that will get you bench pressing hundreds of kilos then this isn’t for you.

And that is all for our review of the Feel Better app by DE. We hope this article was helpful and has helped you decide whether you’d like to give the app a try!

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