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Good healthy recipes are surprisingly hard to com. You can search for healthy recipes online, but often you come across a whole range of ingredients – a healthy recipe app can come in handy, giving you access to great new recipes whilst allowing you easy access to your shopping list.

And if you want to make the switch to healthy eating, then it’s definitely worth looking at an app to help you along your journey. Here’s a few of the best options out there.

Best Healthy Recipe App


While not strictly an app just for healthy recipes, the Lifesum app is an all round app here to help you with your diet and health.

You do have to pay for their monthly subscription to access the recipes, but there are a whole range of different recipes to choose from. This helps to make the app good value for money.

If you consider how many recipes you may get in a cookbook compared to the app. Well, you’re getting a lot more recipes from the app, it’s a fraction of the price, and it’s being updated continuously.

Lifesum also does full meal plans. This is great if you’re looking for an app which will essentially run your evening meals. With nutritional information and tips on how best to cook and prepare the food it’s a solid win for me with this feature. Overall, a very good choice if you’re looking for a healthy recipe app.


Mealime is the next app we’re going to look at and it’s one of our favourites. The app is designed entirely around recipes and my favourite part about it. It helps you order the exact ingredients you need.

One thing must be mentioned is just how appealing all the meals look. The images used on the app certainly make your mouth water at the prospect of some of these meals.

The app is connected with Asda, Ocado and Tesco. Once you have selected the meals you wish to make the ingredients get added to a grocery list in the next tab along. Here you can cross of the ingredients you maybe already have and be left with a list of needed ingredients.

Finally, an icon at the top of the page is there that allows you to shop online and will walk you through the process of making an order with one of the sellers mentioned.

It’s the first app I’ve seen that does this and it’s great for cutting out the middleman. If this is something you might get uses out of then it’s a huge bonus for this app.

If you won’t be using this feature, then the app is still decent. With dozens or even hundreds of recipes available you’re sure to find a series of meals you love.

With its ability to order the ingredients that are in its meals and even a good amount of flexibility, the app is one of our favourites. You can check out our full Mealime review here.

Feel Better by Deliciously Ella

Next up we have the Feel Better app by Deliciously Ella. This is a paid only app which has been made to help those looking for a healthy lifestyle and overall “feel better”. Sounds good, not only does the app have recipes, but it has exercises and even meditation.

We’re focusing on the recipes here so let’s see what they have to offer.

First thing to mention is the app is aimed at vegetarians and vegans – if you’re looking for meat options then they aren’t here. This will be fine for some and a big no from others, so it’s a definitely a point to keep in mind.

The app has over 700 recipes so you’re not going to have any shortage of recipes to try. This does include things like smoothies and other drinks so it’s not necessarily 700 meals but it’s a lot of different options for you to sink your teeth into.

More options is typically better for most users. Some will prefer less just for clarity and simplicity.

The only real problem the Feel Better by Deliciously Ella has is that it is restrictive if you are not vegetarian or vegan. If you would like meat in your diet then you need to find another app or source of meal ideas and personally that’s a big part of my diet.

If you are vegetarian or vegan however this may be the perfect app for you as you won’t need to worry about checking each meal if it fits your dietary requirements. You can check out our full Deliciously Ella app review here.

Common Questions about Healthy Recipe Apps

Is there an app for healthy food?

The majority of healthy recipe apps that we’ve mentioned will be made up of healthy food, however they’re usually best used in combination with other health conscious apps too. This could be a food tracking app, or something focuses on a specific form of dieting (like an intermittent fasting app).

Which is the best app for food recipes?

There are various different choices you can opt for that we’ve listed here that can be considered the best app for finding healthy recipes. However, they’re typically focussed on staying health, and there are other options if you’re looking for recipes in general (such as BigOven or Allrecipes).


In conclusion each app has its pros but it is going to depend on you which you’d like to choose, if you are a vegan then the Feel Better app is perfect for you, if you’re looking for an app that will facilitate your meals by helping you get the ingredients then Mealime is the app for you.

This is also my personal favourite as far as a healthy recipe app goes. The ingredients list and over all user interface is really nice and the meals look incredible. Lifesum is also good, in fact the only real lacking point of Lifesum is that it’s missing the shopping feature that Mealime has.

There is a slightly different user interface also so if you’re not planning on using the shopping feature and like the interface of Lifesum then it’s definitely a good app that you will get use out of. That and the additional tracking features it comes with this may be exactly what you need.

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