Lose It app review

The Lose It app is the most recent app we’re going to review. The Lose It app itself is an app that helps you count calories, track your exercise, and set yourself goals to achieve. The app has a very high score of 4.7/5 on the app store so it would appear those using it are very happy with what they’re getting out of the app.

The app has even been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and many more. This shows the app has been successful for a long time, if such big publications are willing to take a look, then it’s clearly doing something right. So, let’s take a look…

Lose It app review

Initial impressions of the app are great, when you first open the app, it looks good and is clear as to what your next steps are. This isn’t exactly the most difficult thing to achieve but it is something some apps struggle with so it’s a nice intro. Next is the questionnaire, a significant part for me as some apps have a really in depth questionnaire to better know the user and others skim over it pretty quick. I suppose this is personal preference, but I was a fan of the more in depth questionnaire that was presented here. It definitely feels like the app is taking it’s time to have a good understanding of the users wants, needs, and overall goals.

After you’re done with the questionnaire the app will ask what sort of plan you would like, this defaults to their recommendation and can be set to either be more extreme or more lenient. A nice touch is that the very extreme version is highlighted with a “Not recommended” banner as there are significant health risks with doing extreme dieting. It’s good to see the app giving out meaningful advice when a user might consider doing something with detrimental effects.

Once you’re done with this, you’re all set up. You’re now left at the default page and are free to continue as you like. Navigate to the “Log” tab to add the meals you’ve had throughout the day and check your current progress with the “My Day” tab to see your day and navigate to the “Goals” tab to see a more overall graph of your progress, maybe won’t need this tab on day one…

Pros and Cons


First things first I like to talk about with the pros and cons is the design and overall aesthetic of the app which thankfully falls in the pros for me here. The app is well designed and visually quite nice to look at which is a nice plus to have. The real benefit to the design however is how clear everything is. From the first minute you open the app it’s obvious where you need to go and what you need to do to use the app. There is a tutorial even that explains various parts, but you could just as easily use the app using a bit of a common sense and following the directions that are in the different tabs. Nice and easy, is a big plus.

Next and maybe the biggest pro for me is the sheer volume of the app, when I first looked at the app I was expecting a bar graph of sorts with a calorie counter which you’ll fill up, and that’s it. To my surprise the app comes with a lot more and what’s more, the majority is in the free section… A lot of these apps stick the basic idea of the app on the free side and then all the bells and whistles are your monthly subscription. Here however you get most of it for free, the only paid elements are the truly above and beyond parts of the app like custom meal plans, integration with fitness trackers and other apps, custom challenges and a few other minor things. Essentially my point here is that the free version feels like a full app, not just the bare minimum with the rest of the app behind a pay wall.


Thankfully I find it hard to find many cons to speak about here and the ones I can think of a more a personal preference than anything fundamentally wrong with the app.

The main place I could find criticism is the questionnaire, I have it in the pros as well, but it can be a con if you are looking for a very simplistic questionnaire…

“Want to lose weight?”


“Here you go”

If that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the app for you. It’s very in depth and tries to get a good grasp of who their users are which for me personally is a pro but for some I can understand it may be either intrusive or a bit tedious to answer all these questions.


As the questionnaire is often the first thing we look at when we open these types of apps it’s the first feature, I’d like to look at here. First, it’s long, maybe too long… But it’s really in depth and is still not going to take you more than 5 minutes, 10 minutes tops if you really take your time. The questionnaire even asks about your partner and if they are looking to lose weight too so it can tell whether you’re going to be able to eat as healthy as possible for every meal or if you’re going to be allowing for some not to good meals to come in from someone who isn’t on that health kick. Nice little consideration I haven’t seen before so I’m going to say it’s a good thing.

The questionnaire itself as mentioned is very in depth. Not only is the app going to have a good idea of who you are, but it takes the time to make sire it knows your goals and even where you have struggled in the past. I’m unsure how this helps the app help us but I imagine it’s designed to give them data on you so they can better provide you with content.


Tracking in this app is great, the main function of the app being to track your calories, it does that with no problems and the interface is very easy to read and navigate.

Once you open your app you will see various tabs to navigate too, the app does default to your “Log” tab so it’s right there when you open it just to speed things up a little I would guess when doing your daily logs.

The process itself is very simple as well, let’s say we are adding our breakfast. We open up the app, and the first thing we see on the log page is a nice button for “Add Breakfast,” we select that and then it pops up with a search bar. Here we can either use this search bar to find the breakfast we had, or we can use the “Scan a food item” button to simply scan the barcode of the food we had. We then select how many servings we had and that’s it. Nice and easy.


Do you have to pay for Lose It app?

Yes and no, the Lose It app is free to download and access its basic features but there is a paid version you can get on an annual subscription which adds additional features. The app does a good job of having everything you’d need from a calorie tracking app be completely free and it is only bonuses from the paid version.

What can I track with the Lose It app?

The Lose It app allows you to primarily track calories, this is the main function of the app but there is additional tracking that the app is able to do. Here is everything the app can track.
·         Calories
·         Exercise
·         Water intake
·         Weight
·         Sleep
·         Bicep size
Quite a lot I’m sure you’ll agree. With calories and exercise specifically, you can specify further with what meal you’re eating or what type of exercise you are partaking in.


In conclusion I’d have to say this is one of the best apps of its kind that I have tried up until this point. The in depth questionnaire really gave me a sense that the app was trying to understand me as a user and what exactly my needs and goals may be so it can best help me achieve them.

One of the nicer things about the app is comparison to others is that the free version feels like a completed app. The free version provides everything you need as far tracking calories and the paid version while good does not feel like it’s needed. Essentially the free version of the app feels like a complete and working app and not half an app with a pay wall blocking the other half.

We hope this article was helpful and wish you good luck on your health journey!

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