Lose It app review – Free vs Premium, Pros & More

When it comes to weight loss and food tracking apps, Lose It is pretty well known. It has a great feedback generally across the board.

Though it’s used for food tracking, it can also be used to track your exercise and plot out your overall health goals too. The app is available for both iPhone and Android, and has millions of downloads. We checked the weight loss app out to see what it has to offer.

Lose It app review

When you first open the calorie counting app, it looks good and is clear as to what your next steps are. If you’re used to using similar weight loss apps like My Fitness Pal, then you’ll have no trouble using Lose It.

You start by filling out a questionnaire, and it’s actually pretty in-depth. This allows more insight into your weight loss journey, and allows Lose It to better know the user.

It definitely feels like the app is taking it’s time to have a good understanding of the users wants, needs, and overall goals. It can help you form healthy eating habits, and is better than most other calorie counting apps in this regard.

After you’re done with the questionnaire, the app will ask what sort of plan you would like. You can stick with default, but more experienced dieters can be set to either be more extreme or more lenient.

A nice touch is that the very extreme version is highlighted with a “Not recommended” banner, as there are some health risks with doing extreme dieting. Most successful weight loss is slow and steady, so it makes sense for Lose It to advise this.

Once finished, you’re now left at the default page and are free to continue as you like. Navigate to the “Log” tab to add the meals you’ve had throughout the day, and set your own calorie budget based on your goals and current weight.

You can then check your current progress with the “My Day” tab to see your day and navigate to the “Goals” tab to see a more overall graph of your progress.

Pros and Cons


The design and overall aesthetic of the app is great. The real benefit to the design is how clear everything is. It’s obvious where you need to go and what you need to do to use the app. You can set up the calorie tracker quickly and easily.

There is a tutorial that’s well made and explains various parts, but you could just as easily use the app using a bit of a common sense and following the directions that are in the different tabs.

The app comes with a lot to offer, and fortunately the majority of the good stuff is available in the free version. The only paid elements are custom meal plans, integration with fitness trackers and other apps, custom challenges and a few other minor things.

For the most part though the free version feels like a full app, not just the bare minimum with the rest of the app part of a paid version. For a free way to track how many calories you’re burning on a daily basis, it’s a solid option.


There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the app. One thing I would mention is that it’s very in depth, and tries to get a good grasp of who their users are so they can help plan your weight loss journey.

This can take time to set up, which can result in things getting a bit tedious. However, this is the case with most other weight loss apps too, as more data allows for a more customized experience.


Tracking in this app is great. The main function of the app being to track your calories, and it does that with no problems and the interface is very easy to read and navigate.

The app does default to your “Log” tab so it’s right there when you open it just to speed things up a little. When you’re doing your daily logs and adding in how many calories you’re eating each day, this can save some time.

The process itself is very simple as well. Say you’re adding your breakfast – you can open up the app, and the first thing you’ll see on the log page is a button for “Add Breakfast,”.

Here you can either use this search bar to find the breakfast you had, or you can use the “Scan a food item” button to simply scan the barcode of the food. You can then select how many servings.

The Lose It app allows you to primarily track calories, this is the main function of the app but there is additional tracking that the app is able to do.

Here is everything the app can track; Calories, Exercise, Water intake, Weight, Sleep, Bicep size. With calories and exercise specifically, you can specify further with what meal you’re eating or what type of exercise you are partaking in.

Do you have to pay for Lose It app? – Free vs Premium Version

Not necessarily. The Lose It app is free to download and access its basic features, but there is a paid version you can get with an annual subscription that adds additional features. Premium can help you link up to other fitness applications, more advanced weight loss programs and smart watch integration.

The free app does a good job of having everything you’d need from a calorie tracking app, and it is only bonuses from the paid version – though a premium membership can be worth it if you’re using the app on a regular basis.


In conclusion I’d have to say this is one of the best weight loss apps of its kind. The in-depth questionnaire helps the app understand the user and their goals, which helps a lot when you’re losing weight.

Essentially, the free version of the app feels like a complete and working app alone, so it’s worth downloading even if you just want to check it out. The free version provides everything you need as far tracking calories. For advanced tracking and Apple Watch integration, check out the paid version.

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