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The Lifesum app is designed to help you improve your diet and ultimately lose weight. However, it’s not exclusively for losing weight – this may be the primary use, but it can help you adjust your eating habits

Lifesum is designed in such a way that it is here to help you get what you want out of a better diet. It can help you lose weight, gain weight – including muscle gain and standard weight gain – or just help you to become healthier. There is even an option to maintain weight on the platform too.

Lifesum App Review

In short, I think the app is great. It is very simplistic, but it does the job that you’d expect it to do very well. You do really need a premium subscription to get the most out of the app though.

The paid version adds a significant amount of value with entire meal plans and specific recipes that have their exact nutritional value on them. So, if you’re looking for a healthy pasta recipe, they’ve got it. Though not a standard healthy recipe app, that’s definitely one of its better features.

The Lifesum App’s main goal is helping those make a lifestyle change with their diet. Whether that be recognising you have a bad diet and helping to change to a healthier one or helping you to change your body type.

As with many of these apps the vast majority will be looking to lose weight. This apps through a variety of ways. Included in the free version app is the calorie and meal tracking.

This gives you a good idea of what you’re having each day, where the large number of calories are coming from and just generally lets you better visualise your diet plan. This can be really important for understand where you can cut calories or add nutrition.

Pros and Cons


  • The user interface of the app is excellent. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort has been put into making the app both easy to use and clear in what’s being conveyed.
  • The tracking itself is very clear and concise. Easy to do with minimal effort as it’s as simple as a bar code scanner and if that isn’t working you can manually enter details with no issue.
  • The main benefits from the app come from the paid version, which unlike other health apps doesn’t feel quite as pushy which is nice.
  • The paid version offers a selection of meal plans including for those with specific diet requirements such as vegans and vegetarians. Even including a keto diet option.


  • The only con is that there is a paid version, and you don’t get everything for free. Although it has to be said that you wouldn’t get such a good polish on a product which wasn’t making money so a slight necessity and as far as I’m concerned it’s worth the price.


This is what the app is primarily for, to make sure you understand what meals you are having in your day and how many calories you’re going to be having.

With a built in calorie amount to aim for after the app has asked you and assessed where you should be the meal tracking works perfectly.

This is done by hitting the big plus symbol at the bottom of the home page to add an entry. Here you can add either a food, drink, or exercise. This also allows you to specify which meal is being added so you can keep track of that too.

Overall, I’d have to say this feature does pretty well, it’s not overly complex and you have a nice chart to help you visualise where you’re at with your daily needs.

With the more long term goals such as your weight being done as easy to read graphs it’s nice to have this available and easy to read at a glance. This also applies to a long term look at your calorie intake so you can see how your diet has progressed as far as in take goes.

The way I would use this is with exercise, depending on how happy you are with your current diet if you notice that your calorie in take has gone up but you’re in a good place with your diet you could opt to instead increase the amount of exercise you do.

Vice versa you could reduce your calorie in take and be back on track to reach your goals, be that a summer bod or just a healthier lifestyle overall.

Premium – Paid Version

The paid version of the app is called Premium, this unlocks a variety of features and certainly makes the app a much more engaging experience. At its base the app is simply a calorie tracker and a meal tracker.

This is great but if you’re looking for something more then the paid version has you covered. Including meal plans to optimise your calorie and nutrient intake this is the ideal way of getting the most out of your new healthy lifestyle.

Easy and healthy recipes are certainly something that many people struggle with and having an app there ready whenever you need an option definitely makes things easier and certainly something I’ll be using.

All in all, I think the paid version is going to be the way to go with the Lifesum app, similar for a lot of apps if they’re done well they need some level of funding so I understand the need for a paid version.

It is in fact safe to say that the paid version is certainly worth it with the most efficient pricing option you’re looking at only £3.33 per month and you might even save on that using the app if you aim to use recipes that are cheaper than what you would normally buy!

Plans and Recipes

The plans and recipes included in the paid section are a really nice inclusion to a healthy eating app. The plans especially make the change to a healthy lifestyle much easier.

Rather than worrying about how best to season your chicken, broccoli, and rice so your new healthy meal doesn’t taste so bland the app provides a multitude of healthy meals and entire meal plans for you to follow.

A noticeable part of this is that they include plans for any needs. Personally, I don’t have any dietary requirements but it’s good to see them there, who know, if I want to try Keto out one day I’ll only have to go as far as the app to find recipes to try.

There are plans specific for those who are vegan, keto, vegetarian, paleo, sugar detox, high protein and that’s not even all of them. There are even meal plans made by specific coaches which are based around their own diets.

The last part to add about the plans and recipes is that they include cooking and preparation tips. I nice little bonus which some may know but other might not. An example would be the most efficient way of dicing an onion.

Seems simple but there’s a few little tricks you can do to make it easier for yourself!

Common Questions about the Lifesum Healthy Recipe App

Do you have to pay for Lifesum?

Yes and no, the main part of Lifesum is free but there is a paid version. The paid version includes full meal plans and recipes to help you better adjust to a healthy lifestyle.

How many recipes do you get with Lifesum Premium?

As more are being added every day it is hard to give an accurate representation of the amount of recipes but there are currently hundreds of them. These range from Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, drinks and more. If you want to find a wide variety of recipes, then you’re covered with Lifesum in its paid version.

What can Lifesum track?

Lifesum tracks a variety of aspects of your lifestyle to give you a good summary of your overall health. Including; weight, exercise, water intake and food intake. It breaks food intake into 4 sections which are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. If you’re looking for an app that will track the different aspects of your health when it comes to diet and exercise, this one has it covered.


In conclusion, I’d have to say that Lifesum is a great app. It does exactly what you’d expect about of a calorie tracking app with the added bonus of tracking your meals.

This means you can better identify where you are getting a lot of calories and where you can improve your diet.

The premium version of the app for me is where it really shines, with an enormous range of healthy recipes that are continuously being updated.

It honestly feels like the cheapest recipe book you’ll ever buy. With the addition of the meal plans on top of this, it’s a excellent way of easing you in to a more healthy life style.

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