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Elevate is a brain training app that is available for Android and iOS it comes under the game branch ‘Edutainment’ and helps focus the users’ skills on literacy and numeracy.

Elevate has become one of the most popular brain training apps on the market since its development in 2005 with over 50 million users worldwide using the software. Brain training is a series of activities you can undertake repetitively in order to maintain and improve your cognitive ability.

Scientific studies are inconclusive on the effectiveness of brain training apps in particular but we have all heard the term ‘use it or lose it’ so why not use it, just in case.

So how good is Elevate in comparison to other brain training apps that are available on the market such as Lumosity? In this review, we will look at Elevate and see what it offers to users and how good these features are.

Elevate App Review

The term brain training can vary from app to app, Elevate concentrates on areas such as literacy and numeracy to improve your ability to read, write and understand at a faster pace.

This then translates into real life, helping you remember things more easily and improving your reaction times.

When you first open the Elevate app you are and sign up you notice how loud and bright this app is, I guess that gives it more of a ‘fun’ vibe and less like doing your homework.

After a quick scan of the app, there is a surprising variety of games and training available to help train your brain, it is clear that the developers have put a lot of thought into the content and the look and feel of the app.

Elevate Testing

There is an initial test to see what your current brain score will be as a baseline for the app to work from so you can see if you are improving or not, this test takes around 24 minutes in total to complete.

Elevate aims to increase the users IQ and focuses on different abilities. You can do things like speed read and comprehension tests to improve areas that we may not use in our everyday lives as we did at school.

Along the bottom of the app you have five options;


This is where you do activities that are recommended for you each day or to finish an activity that you have started already. This is the repetitive side of brain training but also the core of this type of game.


This is where the app tracks your performance in rankings, the rankings compare your performance to other elevate members that use the app. The rankings are divided into several categories:

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Memory
  • Average
  • Activities

This area has two subsections, Games and Study. You can unlock games as your progress but also do workouts to effectively study what you have learned so far to help you remember.


This is where you get news from the app about things happening, new features and offers etc.


This is where you can access settings as well as look at achievements that you have gained so far

Pros and Cons


There are some really positive things about Elevate brain training and some things it does far better than apps of a similar genre. Elevate comes with a free trial for 7 days as well as the basic free version of the app, all you need to do is sign up for an account.

The free version offers three games a day in total and although limited content, it gives you a great taster and sufficient areas to work on.

Elevate has a lot of content on their app which is all fun and engaging. There are over 40 games on Elevate with personalised brain workouts and different advancing levels so it’s hard to get bored.

The app is clear and concise and it is laid out simply but in a way that makes it feel fun. It’s not drab and it keeps your attention focused.

It also works on different skills compared to other brain training apps available so you actually improve something that you use every day rather than just a random selection of pointless games.


Although the app is great there are some downsides. For instance, the app can start out a little too difficult because it takes a couple of tries to get the hang of. This is partially down to the user, but also if you make something too difficult for people then they are likely to give up.

The app also requires pretty significant knowledge of grammar, punctuation and maths without any guidance initially.

Sure, they need to test you – but a refresher for people that haven’t had to use these skills for decades would be a handy little thing to incorporate. Just running over some basic rules of English or formulas that you may need.

Feature of the app

  • 40 plus games for building cognitive skills, focusing on areas such as memory, processing, maths, precision and comprehension.
  • Personalised daily workouts, focusing on improving your weakest skills in particular.
  • Day streaks and achievements to keep you motivated.
  • Detailed tracking of individual performance.

Common Questions about Elevate

How safe is Elevate?

The system meets the highest security standard available online.

Can I sync my accounts on multiple devices?

Yes. You can back up your Balance account on any supported iOS device.

How do I upgrade my account and become a member?

Go to the profile page, tap on the upgrade button. Then choose your subscription preference.

Does Elevate brain training work?

Brain training has been heavily debated over the past decade – the first time I ever heard the term Brain training was in relation to Nintendo’s release of Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training and Brain Age for DS back in the early 2000s, and there’s been lots of debate since. There’s brain training studies both supporting and opposing whether it is beneficial for your brain health.


In conclusion, the Elevate app does an excellent job of what it sets out to do. The app is fun, concise and easy to use and it keeps you engaged and motivated on every level.

The brain training outcome is not obvious but overall I feel like it can’t hurt to exercise a muscle that we use every day anyway.

Even if there is no scientific evidence on the effects of brain training, the brain is such as mystery to humans that we can never truly know what will benefit us in the long term.

We would definitely recommend this app to people looking to do some brain training for personal reasons. Elevate is a great way to get started.

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