Lumosity App Review – Cost, Downloads and more

Lumosity is an app that is designed for brain training. Founded in 2005 Lumosity is one of the largest games of this type available along with games like Elevate. But is Lumosity worth downloading? We took a quick look at what the app has to offer.

Lumosity App Review

You can use Lumosity to try and improve your communication skills, cognitive abilities and Daily practise is one way in which we can do this.

It is partly down to familiarity of using something and also repetition – that’s how brain training helps you improve your focus. Relying on memory is essential to our day to day lives so it is a good idea to exercise it with this type of app.

Lumosity is set out as different video games, this makes it feel more authentic and less like a chore in general. Lumosity offers a ton of different games that help you improve different skills they offer training for.

Game #1: Memory Serves

Looking at one game in particular as an example that focuses on numerical transformation and other techniques I have never really seen used before. Though most Elevate games are intended to help keep your brain sharp, improve cognitive functioning and exercise memory.

Whereas Elevate is based on English and Maths skills, the premise of the Lumosity game I looked at is that you are a bellhop in a hotel, you get into a lift and it takes you up floor by floor.

The game is timed so you know where you are at and it adds an element of pressure that you don’t get in other brain training games like this. You pick up different colour bags, with different shapes and you have to deliver them to the correct floors where specified.

The actual brain training comes from remembering what you have collected, what you need to deliver and how many you have left by the end, so you constantly have to update the new number in your head, or use some other memory technique that is comfortable to you.

Lumosity exercises your working memory, so you have to constantly remember the changing numerical values of the bags you have in your inventory with this technique so either offloading bags or collecting them, the rest you just have to memorise.

Game #2: Train of Thought

Another game I played was one with trains, you basically have different coloured trains and different coloured stations. You have to tap at different intervals on the track to keep the right coloured train going on the right track to reach its corresponding station.

When you tap on an intersection on the track it changes the direction of the train tracks so you can direct trains around towards the right station. The games get harder the better you do until you have put all the trains away in their stations successfully.

This tries to train your ability to process multiple streams of information as you get it.

The workout technique themselves are really good and for the most part, they are easy enough to remember because we constantly have lists of things to do in our heads all day.

It works in the same kind of way that you would do in your everyday life. The more you use your working memory, scientifically speaking the easier it is to remember and fall to recall when you need it.

Sometimes when you use apps like this, the improvement in memory isn’t clear but with this type of technique, you can actually strengthen your memory recall because your brain is a muscle after all.

The game is pretty basic from a game design point of view, but it still looks and feels engaging as you play.

Pros and Cons


Lumosity can be used for free, which is what I did to start out, but honestly, I will probably upgrade if I keep using it. The free stuff is really good and allows you to get a good experience of what is available overall in the app. There is also progress tracking available which keeps you motivated as you play and shows you how you have improved from your original standing when you take the first test to find your baseline ability.

The games aren’t super elaborate graphics wise, or even story-wise but that’s good in this case because you aren’t too busy looking at things to actually do what you are supposed to do, it keeps the distractions to a minimum so you get the most out of the time it takes to complete the game. Lumosity offers a great variety of memory improvement techniques that is split into different categories: Speed, Memory, Attention, Flexibility, Problem Solving, Maths and Language.


The free content is limited but that is kind of expected because you know, it’s free. But the games can feel a little samey every single day, which you would think is the point right? Humans are fickle though, it does get a little boring after a while. Another issue with the Lumosity app is that for some reason it fails to track your progress if you use it on desktop.

No idea why, seems like a bit of a mistake, but maybe it was intentional. The premium version of the app is a little on the expensive side, and cognitive skill improvement is not something that can be guaranteed because we are all different after all.

Features of the app

  • 40 plus games
  • Regular releases of new features.
  • Workout activities.
  • Games designed to train specific skills.
  • Analysis of your performance and how you can use it in real life.
  • Challenges for a whole array of skill-building.


How many free games can you play?

You can play 3 free games per day with Lumosity and these games can be replayed as many times as you like

Is it available in other languages?

Yes, Lumosity is available in several different languages including: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese & Korean.

Can I get a family and friends plan?

Yes, for up to four people you want to share your plan with.

Is Lumosity okay for children to use?

It is not designed directly for children but it can be used by children. Children under 13 though should not use Lumosity.

Does Lumosity actually work?

Although Lumosity has encountered legal issues with the Federal Trade Commission after professing to improve the brain to the point it can help prevent dementia in people as they get older. The app advertised this with no scientific evidence to back up that theory. Brain training apps in general can be useful to improve speed, reaction times and the brain’s ability to retain information to a point, there is little evidence to assume it has massive effects on brain function overall.


In conclusion, Lumosity is an excellent app. the way it incorporated the skills into the video games is ingenious because it staves off boredom for the most part.

The app couldn’t really get much better in the genre as it stands, maybe some graphics improvements and some more game variety would be beneficial but overall there is really nothing to complain about when it comes to this app.

I would recommend this app to anyone wanting to do a spot of brain training because it is fun and efficient in the way it trains you to remember and recall certain things. Although the outcome may not be evident immediately I feel like over a long period of time your skills would definitely see some improvement in all.

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