Best Brain Training apps

Brain training isn’t a new fad, it’s around since Nintendo’s Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training and even earlier if we consider crosswords and puzzles as brain training. Brain training apps are on the newer side of the scale and are toted to improve your memory, response times and logic/reasoning skills and your cognitive function in general. Now there is no great scientific study into the effectiveness of brain training, but it never hurts to put things into place to aid us in reducing our brain ageing processes if it is possible.

Like meditation, we have no real tangible evidence of the effectiveness of these types of apps but the use of focusing your mind on specific things must have some benefits to it otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular. So, in this article, we will look at three of the best brain training apps on the market in order to help us focus our minds.

Best Brain Training apps

3# Peak


Peak is an app that provides brain training games that are supposed to help with focus, problem-solving, mental agility and cognitive functions as well as providing improvement in memory functions. You can compete against others in the game if you have a competitive streak, they have short, intense workouts to do quickly so you can get on with your day.

You have a ‘Coach’ to help you reach your goals on Peak and it challenges you to different workouts each day. As well as helping to track your progress and show you where you can improve your functions. They created this app using research that studies the impact of video games on your mental functions, anything that states video games is good for your brain is top-notch by me. I am an avid believer that playing video games keeps your mind focused, just watch the online competitions of Fallout and Call of Duty and tell me those guys aren’t insanely focused with the eyesight of eagles.

Price: The app is free to use but there are small charges if you want to unlock some of the extra features within the app. It is available on IOS and Android.

2# Elevate


Elevate is a brain training app that has a variety of games and training available to users and has roughly 10 million downloads worldwide. You start off with a test to get your base line brain age for the app to use from so you can see your improvement as you play every day, something that is common in braining training apps.

The app is clear and concise it feels fun as you play, it trains different skills for brain training which is something that is very useful. It stops you getting bored, so you don’t have to always feel like you are sitting in an IQ test. There are over 40 games on Elevate with personalized brain training workouts with advancing difficulties in levels.

This app is a great way to get started with brain training, it is also not as overwhelming as some of the other brain training apps may be. The Elevate app does a great job of brain training, the training outcome is not obvious, but it feels good to know I am doing something to try to keep my mind sharp.

Price: – Free to download, if you want to upgrade to PRO the cost is $4.99 per month. It is available on both iOS and Android. You can read our full Elevate review here.

1# Lumosity


Lumosity has been around as long as Nintendo’s brain training games, it is one of the largest games of this type available. Lumosity is set out in different little video games, they remind me of those old arcade games or the 1001 games on one handheld that you used to be able to get at car boot sales, now I’m showing my age.

Probably why I should train my brain using Lumosity. The game tests numerical transformation tests you with multiple streams of information and is super comprehensive in terms of the type of skills it teaches you. The workout techniques are great and the start of quite easy getting harder and harder. Lumosity is fun, engaging and easy to use as well as using skills you can it into practice in your daily lives.

It tests Speed, Memory, Attention, Flexibility, Problem-Solving, Maths and Language and who doesn’t want to develop all of them skills in one app? That’s why Lumosity for me is the best of the bunch and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to attempt some brain training.

Price: – You can play 3 free games per day on Lumosity and it is available on iOS and Android in seven different languages. You can read our full Lumosity review here.


In conclusion, I have rated Lumosity number one here because of its option to train so many areas of your cognitive function, something which is of major importance in real life, particularly in jobs that require you to use your processes to remember long processes and tasks all the time, such as nursing. Elevate is a perfect option to get you into the basics of brain training and it offers a lot of content free to users so is worth a look into.

Finally Peak, literally says video games are good for you and I’m fed up with hearing how video games are bad for you. Video games improve reaction times, help improve focus and if you don’t overdo them are even good for your mental health and improve your social skills with MMORPG’s and online gaming making a massive boom in the world of gaming. This is something Peak does well, but it must be Lumosity that wins this one for me.

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