Discord Airpods not working – What to do

Discord allows you to voice call people as well as message them. You can use the mic and speaker on your device to voice call people, or use a headset.

Any Bluetooth headset should be compatible with Discord, including wireless headsets such as Airpods. However, this isn’t always the case.

Discord Airpods not working

Sometimes, Airpods can fail to work on Discord. This is usually a result of the user settings on your device conflicting with your Discord audio, and your can fix the issue but adjusting your app settings.

Fortunately, there’s more than one way to fix this problem. We’ll go through some of these solutions in this article.

Check Settings

First of all, you should check the settings on your device. There may be an issue with the settings that’s preventing your Airpods from working.

To access the sound settings, simply press Windows-key + I and click on the ‘sound’ option. Or, you can open the Start Menu and search for ‘sound’.

Click on the ‘sound settings’ option to open the sound settings.


Firstly, check on your output device settings. It should be near the top of the page. Make sure that your chosen output device is the Airpods. The sound from Discord should come out of the chosen output device.

If the Airpods are not set as your output device, you can change it by clicking on ‘choose where to play sound’ and selecting the Airpods.

Next, check on your input device settings and make sure that the Airpods have been selected as the default device. If not, click ‘choose a device for speaking or recording’ and select the Airpods.

If you can’t find the Airpods listed in the sound settings, you can try to find it in the advanced sound settings.

Scroll down until you see the option for ‘more sound settings’ and click on it. A new window should pop up.


Select the ‘playback’ tab. There should be a list of devices on display. Find the Airpods and right-click on them. Then, select ‘set as default device’ to make the Airpods your default output device.

Then, navigate to the ‘recording’ tab and locate the Airpods. Right-click on them, and select ‘set as default device’ to make the Airpods your default input device.


Now, open the Discord app and try testing out your Airpods again to see if they work.

Check Sound Mixer

Your Airpods may not be working due to an issue with your sound mixer. Discord may be muted on the sound mixer, which would prevent you from receiving any sound from the app.

You can access the sound mixer by pressing Windows-key + I > Sound > Volume Mixer.


Look under the app section, and locate the Discord app. Make sure that the volume for the Discord app has been turned on.

You can also try turning the volume up in case the sound might be too low for your Airpods to register. Now, try using Discord again to see if your Airpods work.

Check Discord Settings

If there’s nothing wrong with the sound settings, there may be an issue with your Discord settings.

Open up the Discord app, and click on the gear icon. Scroll down on the side tab, and select the ‘Voice & Video’ tab.


Firstly, check the input and output device options. The options should be at the top of the tab. Make sure that the Airpods have been selected as the default input and sound output devices.

If not, you can change the device by clicking on the drop-down menus and selecting the Airpods. You should also check that the volumes for each device have been turned up a sufficient amount.

Next, make sure that the ‘automatically determine input sensitivity’ option has been enabled. It should be beneath the ‘input sensitivity’ section.

If the input and output devices are correct, there may be an issue with one of the other settings. For example, your Airpods may not be compatible with the audio system on Discord.

If you think this may be the case, scroll down to the audio subsystem section. Click on the drop-down menu and select the ‘legacy’ option.

If altering the Discord settings didn’t worked in fixing your Airpods issue, try resetting the voice settings. Scroll all the way down, and select the ‘reset voice settings’ option. Then, restart the Discord app.


After restarting the app, try using your Airpods again to see if they work.

Log Out

If changing the Discord settings didn’t help solve the issue, try logging out and logging back into your Discord account.

This can refresh the app and fix any slight glitches that may be causing your Airpods to not work. Once you launch Discord and log back in, try using the Airpods again to see if the problem’s been fixed.

Turn Off Exclusive Mode

If nothing else has worked so far in fixing the Airpods, you can try disabling exclusive mode. Open the advanced sound settings by pressing Windows-key + I > Sound > More Sound Settings.

Navigate to the playback tab and find the Airpods device. Right-click on it and select the ‘properties’ option. Then, go on the ‘advanced’ tab.


Locate the ‘exclusive mode’ section. Beneath it, there should be a list of options. Uncheck the boxes next to those options to disable exclusive mode. Then, restart your device.

Now, go on Discord and try using your Airpods to see if they work.


In conclusion, your Airpods may not be working due to a problem with your sound settings – this is a common cause of issues, and can also cause your push to talk button to stop working.

Check both the sound settings on your device and the on Discord app. Check the input and output devices and their volume sliders too, as this could be affecting your Discord volume.

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