Confirm your account to request a review – Instagram error

Social media is a giant of the world wide web and there is no signs to suggest that is going to change any time soon.

One of the biggest social media platforms in existence today is Instagram, a picture sharing website and app which many consider to be the most toxic of all social media platforms due to the vanity that its built on.

Regardless of your opinions on Instagram, it is undeniably huge with over 2 billion active monthly users.

When a website or app is that big, there is bound to be error messages galore and Instagram is certainly no different in that regard.

Confirm your account to request a review Instagram – Why it appears

One common error message which confuses users is one that reads ‘confirm your account to request a review’.

On the face of it, it makes very little sense so it is easy to see why many are left bewildered when they see this message appear on their account.

The most common occurrence of this error message is when users are trying to revive their account after it has been disabled.

When Instagram bans or disables a user then they give them the opportunity to request a review in order to establish whether a ban/deactivation was fair or if they had acted too harshly.

When it comes to processing this review, users are required to confirm that they are the owner of said account.

So, in other words, you will only ever see this message if Instagram has ever taken your account away from you.

There a number of different reasons why Instagram may disable your account, including:

  • Posting illegal content.
  • Using hate speech in captions, comments or videos.
  • Posting nudity.
  • Posting content that depicts graphic violence.
  • Posting content that is protected by copyright.

If you don’t believe that you have done anything wrong then you are well within your rights to lodge a review into the deactivation.

And, this is where this particular error message will come into play.

How to confirm your Instagram account to go through with the review

If you have received this error message then you are either going to have to confirm that you are the account holder, or just accept that the account is gone and set up a new one.

If you decide that you want your original account back then you will simply have to confirm that you are the account holder.

In order to do this, try to login on to your Instagram account as you usually would with your username and password.

You should be greeted with another error message asking you to confirm you account.

This is essentially account verification, meaning that you may well have to do one of a number of different things like confirming your email address via your email inbox, or sending pictures of your passport or driving license.

Once you have confirmed your account, head back to the review page and the error message telling you to confirm you account should no longer be there.

Hopefully, you will then be able to restore you Instagram – all you need to do is go to Instagram and confirm it’s you before requesting a review.

Possible stumbling blocks

While this resolution will work for the majority of people, there have been reports from some users that the pop up providing you with the ability to “confirm” your account never appears for them.

This can leave them in an impossible situation where Instagram is telling them they can’t submit a review until their account is confirmed but not being able to do anything to confirm their account.

If you are facing this problem then you may want to consider using a VPN to see if it is a geographical issue.

Certain versions of Instagram run differently on a country by country basis so set your VPN to connect from a different country to the one that you’re in to see if this helps you at all.

Another way around this is to fix the issue before it even happens.

Sure, this requires foresight of the situation but getting into the habits of verifying your accounts upon setup isn’t exactly a bad thing.

To verify your account on Instagram while your account is active, please ensure that you follow the link sent to your email address when the account is first opened.

Instagram may simply ask for you to click on a link within the email to confirm your account or ask for a couple more things.

Either way, get this done early and you will always have at least a say in what happens to your account if a deactivation occurs.


To conclude, ‘confirming’ your account is another way of saying ‘verify you are the account holder’.

It is unclear as to why Instagram uses confusing terminology in this error message, though many other users have had the same issue.

However, rest assured that it means nothing too complex – it doesn’t necessarily mean that your Instagram account is not working, though it’s usually a sign of a disabled account.

Ultimately, though, the best way to prevent yourself from ever seeing this error message is to simply adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines.

This way, you can assure your Instagram account won’t be disabled.

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