Bumble blocked me and deleted my account – The reason

Most Bumble users are able to sign up for an account and start swiping through their potential matches without an issue.

Though, there are occasions when things don’t go as swimmingly as you may want – like when Bumble blocks or deleted your profile.

Not commonplace amongst Bumble users, getting your account blocked can be a bit of a hassle. Here’s what to do if it happens to you.

Why you’ve been blocked by Bumble

There are various different possibilities as to why your profile has been blocked by Bumble. You need to follow the Community Guidelines to ensure you don’t get banned.

The most common reasons why you’ve been blocked from Bumble are;

You’ve been reported. In most cases, the reason why you’ve been blocked on Bumble is because you’ve been reported by others.

This may be because you’ve said something offensive to them that is considered hate speech, or it could simply be because you’ve ghosted them and they’re upset.

Trying to gain followers. Bumble is designed for finding others to network on the Bumble app with, not to take people off of the platform.

This means that if you only have your Instagram in your Bumble bio, you may get banned for this.

Promotion. In tandem with the above rule, Bumble also doesn’t like it if you’re using their app to get people to pay for something.

A good example of this is Onlyfans. If you’re just signing up to Bumble to get guys to sub to your Onlyfans, you could be banned for this.

Illegal/nudity. Bumble wants to ensure that all of its users are offered a safe experience, so they can be pretty strict about no nudity or nothing illegal being allowed on the platform.

Spamming. If you send hey to everyone in your Match Queue, this may be misconstrued as spam by Bumble and then be punished.

It isn’t common, but it can happen where the Bumble profile disappears unexpectedly.

It’s usually down to one of the reasons above, though it could also be a technical issue.

In this case, you’ll probably look at ways that you might be able to get your Bumble account unblocked.

Can you get a Bumble account unblocked?

If you’ve got your Bumble account blocked, you may also be wondering what you can do to get your account unblocked by Bumble too.

In this situation, you only have two options. The first is to get in touch with Bumble support and ask them to restore your Bumble account.

Though unlikely, it’s worth trying if you’re a Bumble Premium user, as you won’t get any refund when Bumble ban you.

You can do this by using the Bumble Support Team contact option. Explain the situation to them, and if you’re lucky, someone at Bumble headquarters will take pity on your situation.

The only other option you have is to create a new Bumble account. A new account will allow you to rejoin the dating app even if you’ve been banned previously.

Just make sure that you don’t use exactly the same detail or upload the same pics, as if you do this there’s a chance that Bumble could connect your accounts together.

And obviously, use a different email address too.


If you have been blocked by Bumble, in most cases the best thing you can do is simply create a new account or move to a new dating app.

There are plenty of alternatives to Bumble, though it can still be frustrating to get banned from the app – especially if you don’t think you did anything wrong.

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