Bumble All Caught Up meaning

Where are many Bumble symbols and icons that mean various different things across the platform. One message or notification that you get on the app is “All Caught Up!”, though this doesn’t really explain what it means.

If you get the All Caught Up message screen on Bumble, it simply means that you’ve finally swiped through all of your current potential matches.

You can take a break from Bumble while it finds you more matches to swipe through.

All Caught Up message but still have likes

Some people will get the All Caught Up message screen that tells them they’ve run out of people to swipe.

However when you reach your swipe limit, you may still have people that liked you waiting for you in Bumble.

This is likely because these people have swiped right on you, but they’re blocked out by the filters you’re using in Bumble.

So although they have genuinely liked you, there’s no way for you to see them unless you adjust your filters.

What can I do when I get this message?

If you get the All Caught Up message when you’re using Bumble, there are only a few things you can do.

Increase your age range – This will give you more people to match with. If you’re strict about your age limits, you may want to loosen them to get more matches.

Increase your radius – If you’re only looking for people in the City centre, again you’re going to be limited in the people you can find. Turn the range up to get more matches.

Purchase Bumble Boost or Premium – With Bumble Premium, you have the ability to see who has liked you with the Beeline feature, as well as change your location temporarily to get more matches.

How does Bumble decide who to show you?

Bumble has a complex algorithm that determines which people it should show you first.

This is based on the data that you enter into the app, along with the filters that you use to tell Bumble what your preferences are.

When you’re matched with someone new on Bumble, you should be able to send them a message – if you’re a woman, that is.

If you’re a guy, you’ll have to wait until she sends you the first message, as Bumble works differently for men.


In conclusion, the All Caught Up message is commonly received on Bumble when you’ve run out of people to match with.

If you’re swiping for a while and you get through everyone, you may get this message at the end of it, implying that you’re all caught up with your swipes.

To get more people to match with, you may want to broaden your age restrictions so you can see new people.

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