Does Bumble show deleted profiles?

Bumble offers a different experience to most dating apps, and there are many satisfied users that love the way that Bumble works.

Bumble is redefining dating to try and make it safer for the woman. However, not everyone loves Bumble.

And sometimes, this may lead to users deleting their Bumble account. Let’s look at what happens after a Bumble account is deleted.

Does Bumble show deleted accounts?

A deleted user will not continue to show in the Match queue for when you’re swiping through matches on Bumble.

If you’re getting no responses from a specific user on the platform, then it’s possible that they’re inactive on Bumble – these profiles will still show on the app.

What does inactive mean? Well, they may have just not opened the app in a while. Or, they may have deleted the app from their device, but not deleted their Bumble account.

There’s also a chance that the user has switched their device into Snooze mode. Though, even though you’d get no response, they’ve still show as active of your Bumble app – not a deleted user.

Can I still see their messages?

If someone deleted their Bumble account, this will stop them from being able to access the account, so they won’t be able to see the messages that they’ve sent.

However this doesn’t delete the messages completely, as the other person will still be able to see the conversation.

But instead of having the match’s profile picture and name next to the conversation, it will just say deleted user instead.

So even if you delete your account, you won’t be deleting the conversation you’ve had completely for the other person.

Deleted User vs Unmatch on Bumble

There’s a difference between a deleted user and someone unmatching you on Bumble.

If you’ve been having a conversation with someone and they delete their account, you’ll still be able to see the conversation that you two were having.

However if they unmatch you, you will not be able to see the conversation you were having at all.

This is the main cause of a Bumble profile disappearing from your account, as in most cases, you’ve simply been unmatched by the other user.

If You Delete Bumble, Does it Delete Your Profile?

If you’re thinking about deleting Bumble then you’re probably tired of dating other people.

However if you simply delete the app from your device, then this will not delete your Bumble profile.

This means that you will still come up in other people’s match queue for a while afterwards. And, all of your current matches on the platform will still be able to see you in their profile.

This is why it’s important to go into your Settings and delete the account itself if you want to get rid of Bumble completely.

If you think that you may want to use Bumble again some time in the future, you can turn your Bumble account into Snooze mode.

This will stop you from appearing in the match queue for other Bumble users.


Bumble will not show deleted accounts in the match queue, though it can still show profiles that have been inactive for a long time.

This is one reason why accounts may not respond when you send them a message on Bumble. It could also be that they’re not interested, or that they just haven’t seen your message in time.

Unfortunately if the user doesn’t reply within 24 hours of the first message being sent, the two will automatically be unmatched.

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