Bumble shows location but not distance

Bumble is one of the more popular dating apps in both the UK and the US, alongside others like Hinge and Tinder.

Bumble’s unique selling point is that women send messages first. However, Bumble still works in the same way as the majority of other swiping apps do – by finding users within your location to match with.

Though sometimes Bumble will display location under the profile, but not the distance range between you. There are a couple of reasons that Bumble may do this.

The user is in snooze mode

In most cases, the reason for not showing the distance is because the user is in Snooze mode.

In cases where the dating app can be overwhelming, users can turn on Snooze mode on their Bumble app for a break. This can last from 24 hours to as long as you want.

This will pause your activity on the app, and it will stop the other person from showing up as a potential match to other users of the platform.

So if someone tells you they’re not chatting to anyone else on Bumble and not matching with new users, their distance may stop showing on the app.

User Hasn’t Opened The App In Several Days

The next most likely reason the distance is not displayed is that the user hasn’t opened the Bumble app for a while.

This can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’ve found someone, and deleted the app from their phone. Or, they just haven’t had the time to log in to the Bumble app.

And without opening it, Bumble can’t track your location. So in this case, they’ll still show in the card stack for a while, as their profile still exists.

They’re travelling

It also happens sometimes when users travel across the country. Users that travel outside of your radius will often no show the distance between you, as Bumble can only work within a certain radius.

So if they’re travelling or on holiday, you may not be able to see the distance between you, as Bumble can’t get an accurate location of where the Bumble user actually is.

The user should see the location where they last logged in, but you may not be able to see a distance.

Is Bumble tracking your location?

Bumble will track your location – this is one of the most important factors into using the Bumble app.

You have the choice between adjusting your Settings to Always, where Bumble will track your location when it’s running in the background, or just whilst you’re using the app.

Can you turn off location tracking on Bumble?

You can opt to change to the Never track location in your settings, but you’ll stop getting new matches once you do this, as Bumble needs your location to operate properly.

Without it, you won’t be able to determine who you can match nearby to your location.


Bumble aims to provide users with a relaxing experience, and one think they’ve introduced to help with that is Snooze mode.

Snooze mode is the main reason that Bumble shows location but it won’t show the distance between you – in this case, Bumble doesn’t give the distance to users.

So, Bumble will show no distance to users after entering snooze mode. It could also mean that the user hasn’t logged in to the Bumble app for several days or longer, so their profile’s location isn’t being tracked.

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