How does Bumble work for men?

Bumble gives you the opportunity to talk to potential new partners in your area, and it’s one of the most popular dating apps in the modern day.

Most of this is because of its biggest feature – that women make the first move on Bumble.

This attracts many users to Bumble, and it makes it unique in comparison to other dating apps out there. But it does make the dating experience, for both men and women that use Bumble.

How does Bumble work for men?

Bumble is an online dating app that works similar to apps such as Tinder.

And like Tinder, you see the profile pictures and bio of different individuals in your swipe deck. You can then swipe right on the people you want to meet, or swipe left for them not.

However, the key difference for both men and women at this point is that women need to send the first message.

This is to prevent women from getting tons of messages, which is common across different dating platform.

So after you’ve matched with each other, men are restricted from sending a message to the woman.

Women hold the power on Bumble, but once they do decide to send the first message, the man only has 24 hours to respond.

If you don’t respond, you’ll be automatically unmatched from the other person, and you won’t be able to match them on Bumble again.

They also won’t show in your Bumble match queue, which is where all of your matches on the platform are situated.

Is Bumble any good for guys?

Although you may think that giving women all of the power isn’t a good thing for guys, it can actually have the opposite effect.

Bumble can stop you from wasting time chatting to people that you were never going to match with anyway.

If a woman sends you a message on Bumble, that means that she’s definitely interested in what you have to say.

On Bumble, there’s a mix of those looking for long term relationships and those that are after a casual hookup.

Whichever one of these you’re looking for, Bumble can actually work. Generally, Bumble users are pretty open about what they’re looking for in a relationship.

So if you include your intent in your bio, you’ll be able to ensure that only potential matches that are looking for the same thing as you end up in your inbox.

How does Bumble work for gay men?

Though made primarily for straight relationships, Bumble is still really good when it comes to catering for the LGBTQ+ and gay community.

The biggest selling point of the app is that women message first, so it does make people wonder who sends the first message in a same sex match.

The answer is that either person can send the first message if

Just remember that after you send the first message, within 24 hours the other person has to reply. Otherwise, it’s not meant to be.


Bumble is a great app to download for both men and women, as it gives a different experience for both of them.

For men, it may take some getting used to, as you won’t be allowed to message anyone that you match with. It may also bruise the ego a little – to match with a women and them not message you.

This can work both ways though, as when a woman sends the first message, the many must respond quickly.

It’s a fun dating app to test out if you’re looking to try different power dynamics than most dating apps offer (e.g. guys messaging as many woman as possible).

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